The Newborn Files #2


Tomorrow Maggie will be 3 weeks old. I could say where does the time go but in the first 6 weeks of your newborns life every day feels like 3 days. I know exactly where the time goes. It goes in 4 hour blocks with not much difference between daytime and night time except for the light and temperature. I cannot adequately convey how much I feel like this at the moment:


I found this from an amazing comic style article that Caitlin from Mother down Under posted on her Facebook page this week. It’s a wonderful look at what women go through in pregnancy and the first little while after having a baby. It’s FULL ON. A full on wonderful business but FULL ON. I’m the thick of full on right now as we all try and find a new normal. It’s an exhausting time and I am trying to be kind to myself, allow myself to feel the feelings so they can pass and move on and get rest. This is all very different to what I usually do, but I am forcing myself to do it. These first weeks are HARD work. Wonderful and exhausting and hormonal all rolled together. Just when the family thought I was back to normal they get this roller coaster! I do know that in a few more weeks though it will get better. You get into the swing of things, both of you and it DOES get easier. And then harder again. The easier. Oh motherhood…


When do those brown spots disappear? When will I ever get my eyebrows waxed again? When will I get vertical rather than horizontal?

Loved this little clip that someone shared with me last week. Post Partum: The Musical.

You know what I DID do this week?


I was in charge of keeping all three children alive and well for 24 hours all by myself. No big deal you may think, but when you have a 2 week old kid, everything is a big deal and this was for me. First time getting the car seat in the car, doing the school run, getting kids ready for hockey practice, sitting through hockey practice in 3 degree weather, getting home, breastfeeding Maggie in between getting dinner, bath and kids in bed and then up again in the morning to get them ready for school. I was dead set exhausted at the end of it but feeling very proud that I did it! And next time will be easier. The first time is always the worst.

You know what ELSE I did this week? Filled out the forms to register Maggie’s birth and Medicare details. Now THAT deserves some kind of medal for the mental strength required. Baby brain is well and truly in full swing and just reading those forms, let alone comprehending them and then filling them out requires quite a lot of coffee and cake. Sheesh.

Kate too, has been spotted in public for the first time at Holland Park with George playing “monsters”. Alas there are no images, but you can read about it here. I wonder about Kate often, wonder if she ever feels a little overwhelmed by it all too? Wonder if she is up in the middle of the night flicking through Instagram as she feeds Charlotte?

Maggie is GROWING.

PicMonkey Collage

Before my very eyes. In between feeds she sleeps and when she wakes I swear she is bigger than when she went down. Even those onsies that were swimming on her when she came home are starting to get a little tighter. She’s got a bit of a gunky eye at the moment (blocked tear duct or something I think) so I have been squirting breastmilk into it and magically it works. Is there anything breast milk cannot do?! Maggie likes it so much that she does a jig when she has fed. A happy milk jig!

In other news, Archie came down and visited last week and somehow in the process grew so much! Well, he didn’t actually, but when he was next to Maggie, he sure looked big all of a sudden.

IMG_6937 IMG_6938

Look what happens in 5 and a half months…they get big! and ADORABLE.

One thing my sister did pass onto me which I have to pass onto you is these maternity pads:


They are the business and I can’t recommend them enough. Gosh you bleed for a long time after a baby don’t you? These are the best I have found and I think you can get them at Coles. Add them to your hospital bags oh Preggo ones and those of you in the same horizontal, teary phase of post partum, add them to your trolley this week. You can thank me and I’ll thank my sister who can thanks Zoe Foster-Blake later. Sharing is caring friends.

There are plenty of things that I don’t know at this stage but these are some things I DO know:

1. Baby socks are impossible to keep on
2. If you put a fresh nappy on, a poo explosion will sure follow
3. If you get the baby dressed and ready to head out the door, a poo explosion or vomiting incident requiring bath and complete costume change will sure follow
4. I’ve figured out that getting your “pre baby-body back” means that you just don’t have blood gushing with every step that you take and you can walk normally without hobbling and you can wear a tracksuit. So ladies, I am getting closer to having my pre-baby body back! We all are!
5. Gifts of food far outweigh a baby gift
6. Want another idea as a baby gift? Take other siblings off a newborn parents hands for an afternoon, or a school run or school pick up

Seriously, check out this care package dropped off hot on our doorstep from a school Mum this week. Roast chook, veggies, gravy and fancy desserts!


So for now, it’s where we are at. A little wobbly no doubts, but happy and enjoying this very quiet time. It’s too cold to hit the road for a walk, so for now I will stick to fireside with endless cups of tea and baked goods. Ever wary that the tipping point of consumption of said baked goods and the calories required for breast-feeding are diminishing as things settle down. There comes a point where there is too much in, and too little out. I fear I’m nearing that point friends, I’ll miss my baked goods. I’ll miss them hard.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear a little squark which means it’s time to feed, and squirt some more breastmilk into the baby’s eye. It’s a glamorous business my friends!


  1. You still write so beautifully…..seriously how do you do that even though you are sleep deprived and with baby brain – must be all the baked goods

  2. socks under onesie.
    Ta dah

  3. Socks inside the onesie is the only way to go. As taught to me by a much loved great aunt. It won’t stop them separating and disappearing in the wash but it will keep those delicious baby toes warm.

  4. Kim Abbate says

    That care package is my favourite kind! My sister filled my freezer with three months (3 MONTHS) worth of meals when my daughter was born. I think that gift is why she’s still my favourite person in the entire universe.

  5. I have NEVER done 24 hours with my kids. And my eldest is nearly 9. You are bloody amazing. Seriously. That is warrior woman territory. Damn straight you felt proud of yourself. x

  6. Chiquita says

    You are a legend!
    Thank you for sharing Maggie and gorgeous Archie too, I am one very hormonally satisfied menopausal reader

  7. Can I just say I’m loving the Maggie pics popping up in my feed! She is such a dear sweet little thing and I’m madly in love with her. x

  8. Oh Beth NO NO NO, that time is not nearing. Baked goods can remain part of your staple diet for at least another 6 months (assuming you bf that long of course). As long as your body has to go about cooking up meals for a hanger on, then you get to consume absurd amounts of sugary, comfort goodness. That is the deal that was made with the universe long before this moment in time, and it is your duty to indulge it at every opportunity.

  9. Thank you so much for this post. I had my first baby 11 days ago and while she is a lovely little thing it is so overwhelming. My husband goes back to work next week which I am feeling very anxious about. So helpful to read this and know it’s not just me – it is hard and wonderful all at the same time, and the hormonal rollercoaster does not help! Take care and we will get there.

  10. Look at Maggie!
    And Archie!
    I so wish my sister was knocked up at the same time I was…she is happily single though so I bet she does not share my sentiment.
    And yes to TOM…the best!
    This is probably TMI but this time I didn’t cut the cord for about half an hour after her birth and didn’t deliver the placenta until probably another half an hour after that and I hardly bled at all. It was a pleasant surprise. I had a few hours of walking around in a newborn nappy (preggers ladies, newborn nappies work for pads for you too), I went through one pack of TOM pads, and that was about it!
    And well done on parenting three on your own. The first time I had to do dinner and bed time on my own, I had Charlie’s godmother on standby!
    And I wouldn’t worry too much about the cake…I am still going strong on the cake front six months later!

  11. Oh I knew you wouldn’t let me down, I love the Newborn Files just as much as I did the Preggo Files! You are doing an ace job and who knew breast milk had magic powers?!

  12. Gibbergunyah says

    The last time I did 24 hours on my own with the children the youngest ended up at Bowral Hospital with an incarcerated hernia. My husband is a bit scared to go on any more business trips. Anyone would think the poor man had been on a holiday, the guilt he felt.
    Now, Maggie will get bigger, right, and need more kilojoules, right, for brain development, dancing (obviously), sitting, smiling etc. To my mind, which appreciates baked goods, this requires the exclusively breastfeeding mum to increase her intake in line with the baby’s needs… because breastfeeding a five month old needs MUCH more energy than feeding a foetus, surely?

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love this Beth you have summed up the first 3 weeks so well,thank goodness for kind people who bring dinner and yes you do bleed a lot for me 8 weeks worth!! Tell Rob you are never allowed to have sex again,unless you want to of course.
    Your Maggie is gorgeous and well done for solo parenting,be kind to yourself there is no hurry ,much love

  14. So much happens in the first few weeks with a new Bub, your doing good Beth, Maggie is thriving. Xx

  15. Love newborn days. Yes the flying solo is always scary the first few times! ha – very time I’m in Australia I top up on the other Tom products and Aussie tea. Husband back from Melbourne last night and I forgot to send him to the supermarket. I am very pleased with my copy of Pip’s Craft for Your Soul book though.

  16. i have loved reading your pregga’s and now newborn files as I have a now six week old so it’s been a similar timeline for me. Try sock ons for the socks, they go over the socks and they’re awesome. I’ve used them on both my boys and haven’t lost a sock yet.

  17. Yvonne Duke says

    It’s such a great time ! When I had number 4, hubby brought us home from the hospital then said he had to go back to work ! And left me on my own with 4 of them !!!

  18. i had such a baby brain induced fuzz that on my youngest birth certificate our wedding date is a day off. We were married on the 15th, but I put the 16th because that is mine and my eldest birthdate. still haven’t fixed it and she’s almost 6. waiting for it to totally fuck up her life somewhere down the track!

  19. Ha…I looked at your pic and thought…”She needs a brow wax…bad.” 🙂 I’m a Cosmetologist/hair stylist so I notice that stuff! That could be a new business….mobile brow waxing after giving birth. 😉 Seriously though….you look great and Maggie is so cute.

  20. I’m loving these posts Beth because I was there 10 months ago. My Phoebe is going to be 1 next month and I feel sad that this is the last of the baby stage for us. I remember the exhaustion well and the frustration after a couple of months when I couldn’t do a lot of the things I wanted to do. Enjoy every moment. Maggie is gorgeous!

  21. You need ‘sock ons’, Beth! Best thing ever!

  22. Mums are my heroes! It is not a path I have chosen for me but I read this and wonder how you do it. You are AMAZING. Responsible for three little humans. Wow.

  23. Hi Beth, I have been thinking of you lots this past week! I feel like even though I don’t know you, I’m quite connected to you as I also had a new baby! I had my 2nd yesterday and all your blog posts leading up to and the birth of your gorgeous little Maggie has helped me feel a little less alone in my own journey. So thank you for sharing your story. How amazing are women, right?! We physically and emotionally go through so much! And the end results are true little miracles. Good luck with your newborn and please keep writing about it all.
    Kind regards, Laura 🙂

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