Preggo files #11

Friends, it has officially begun. THE NESTING. But instead of sitting around like this in between pinning nursery ideas…


I am going through all the shit I have been wanting to do around the house since we moved in and wondering if this will be the incentive to get it done? You see cupboard management is NOT my forte. I might always have a clean home, and a tidy everything, behind closed cupboard doors it’s not pretty. I tend to just close the doors and think “I’ll get to it one day” except that one day never comes.

Until now. ALL OF THE ONE DAYS ARE ABOUT TO COME TOGETHER IN A SUPER CELL OF NESTING. Yesterday I tackled our walk in wardrobe and next will be the kitchen cupboards (I did the girls rooms and guest room/linen cupboard a few months ago so I will be ready to tackle that kitchen with gusto. I am pretending that we are selling the house and getting it ready for an imaginary open house. Yes, those levels of cleanliness and de-cluttering. Not used it in 6 months? GONE! I just hope I can keep the momentum up. Also desperate to get the carpets steam cleaned because: the baby would want it right?


Got me wondering about Kate and her nesting instincts? Is there even cupboards that need seeing to at Kensington Palace? Will she be able to wash the new onesies in Lux soap flakes? Can she move furniture around just to see if it might look another way? CAN SHE DROP 3 PAIRS OF SHOES OFF TO THE COBBLER FOR RE-SOLING (man I love that word) TOMORROW LIKE I AM? Or those winter coats to the dry cleaner? Maybe once before…perhaps no more. It’s OK Kate, I’ll do enough for us both.


So I am off to see my ob later this morning which I am THRILLED about. I love hopping on scales and seeing how much weight I have put on, so fun! No really, it will be OK. I have been very busy moving around and trying to stop the intake of food (completely stayed away from baked goods since we got back from holidays) and getting my hit from watching GBBO instead. Yesterday I just read over and over Donna Hay’s vanilla slice recipe whilst stroking my iPhone screen. And I was *this* close to making it “for the family”…


But I cleaned the oven instead! I DID KATE, I DID. Eating merely the fumes of old lamb from the week before.


You totally would have spewed.


So I was reading this week about a special baby product that looked interesting. The baby rumbler! You whack this on the floor and then roll your pram back and forth on it that will put your baby to sleep! Ha! The things that they think of….goodness things have changed in the last couple of years (someone pass me my crochet…back in MY day).

Whilst on Babyology I came across this article on a special that my favourite Sydney hotel The QT has put together. You get a room, access to fancy arse pram, a fancy cot in your room, baby toiletries etc! Can you even believe this is a THING? Such a great idea…might get onto it for my sister and her husband (although if you are in a hotel for a night you probably don’t want a baby with you do you? Then again with feeding etc you don’t really have a choice).


So Carrie is looking FAB in the latest WW isn’t she? Safe to say I am NOT looking that good however over the weekend there were at least 2 comments from people using the word “glowing”. At the time I was running around so there may have been a light sweat forming on my brow, but I will take it. I figure I am in the sweet spot at the moment where I am feeling pretty good, moving around and getting shit done, clothes are fitting, and whilst I haven’t seen my vagina in months, there are no signs of Kimye cankles. As yet. Let’s give it a few more weeks for all that start.

One thing I AM looking forward to after the baby arrives is getting stuck into my career. Like Kim (seen her in her latest work for Prada). She is working hard for the money for North and Kanye and I am never one to let motherhood get in the way of my career.


Yeah she DID Kate.


We’ve all got to make a quid somehow.

Shut the fuck UP I totally forgot to tell you one last thing! Tomorrow I am picking up a new pram! The VERY first thing in the house for the new baby (bar a pair of shoes that Eden bought for the babe in Uganda). A thing! Watch this space re: that pram, it’s the fanciest thing I ever did see (and I haven’t even SEEN it in real life yet) just virtually.

I have also looked on the Ikea website for a few bits and bobs for the baby’s “nursery”. Ie a corner of our bedroom where we will squeeze in a cot, change table and ONE small set of drawers. That’s IT. I am pretending I am going for a minimalist look this time around but it’s actually just a combo of not having space, not being bovvered and knowing that babies don’t need ANYTHING. Oh my how things change with each child that comes along.

Craving: ALL OF THE THINGS and then doing nothing about it. I am SO good! Have been hankering a little for fish – I’ve been guzzling tins of tuna and last night we had salmon. Very good!

Drinking: The odd Capi Sparkling – whether it’s cranberry or ginger it’s mighty good when I can’t face any more soda water. I have also been trying REALLY hard to drink lots of plain old water…I never drink enough. And camomile tea.

Dreaming: I had the WEIRDEST dream the other night where I was completely in the 80’s. Went to a newsagent and could see all the 80’s things: Smash hits magazines, loads of papers to choose to cover my school books in and I eventually decided to purchase Boggle the board game. Remember that one? Even when I paid it was paper 80’s money! And I was all like “Look! Paper 80’s money!”

Worrying: About what item of clothing will weigh the least for the scales this morning, I suppose nudity is out of the question?

Cheers to you friends with a good strong cup of tea and 3 ginger nut biscuits dunked in until just the right moment when there is a slight chew. I like to live on the edge and see how long I can keep them in for, because my life is pretty exciting.


Kate approves.


Typical though! No biscuit or mug to be seen. Sheesh.

What’s the best nesting thing you’ve done? I remember with Daisy I HAD to wash the front door. THE FRONT DOOR. Bonkers!
Been eating well?


  1. Hi Beth, I’m 34 weeks now and I am damn tooting loving these blogs. You crazy nut job. Thank you.

  2. So that mat that puts babies to sleep – totally reminded me of a friend’s poem.mdo watch this for a laugh and a think. She’s in a wheelchair and those knobbly bits at intersections – to help the blind – really turn her on 😉

  3. I sent the link for that floor thing, to my friend the other day. The best advice she ever have me was to an extension cord on the ground and push that pram backwards and forwards over it. Worked a treat in the early days when the carrier was in the car.

    My carrier was my best ever purchase. Made daycare drops offs, shopping, doctor trips etc etc so much easier. I had an ergo. So bummed that it was before that new fancy 360 one came out.

  4. Gibbergunyah says

    Baby no 1: polish the floorboards and repaint the interior of the house. It was finished 3 hours after he was born. Oh,and wardrobes, which weren’t finished until he was 7 months by which time I really sick of having everything in boxes. Baby no 2: a driveway, which we hadn’t had before. We picked our way over mud, dirt and reo for the first few weeks of his life and he went to sleep to the sound of the cement mixer. As a friend said “Why do you always have to do extreme nesting?” Maybe we should have just washed the front door. You’re having your 3rd baby – refuse to be weighed! I was never weighed for my second and did not miss it at all.

  5. Lisa mckenzie says

    You crack me up Beth I love your Preggo files,I’d wear a dress lovely girl,best of luck Xx

  6. You totes crack me up. When I was going to Weight Watchers in the States, the women there took weigh in very seriously. They would remove all their bling and their bras before they would even think about stepping on the scales. Just an idea! Happy Weigh Day!

  7. Suzie Walker says

    Hi Beth

    I’m nearly 32 weeks pg with my 3rd and am loving your preggo files!

    We moved houses before first two bubs arrived when I was 6 months pregnant and am thanking God we don’t have to do that again!

    No nesting instincts kicking in for me yet. I will hopefully get the cooking instinctonce we get back from holidays and start loading the deep freeze with easy meals and baked goods for any “visitors” that pop by 😉

    Good luck at the Ob! Can’t believe that weigh you?! None of my obs have weighed me in any pregnancy.

    • Oh I have never done the pre-cooking before. Perhaps this time I will! I am a little more that way inclined these days…watch this space!

  8. Laugh Out Loud. You have really lifted my Tuesday morning blues with this post.

  9. ha ha ha ha, love the dunking of the ginger nut – oh how I love a good dunker!!! I CAN’T WAIT to see this new fan dangled pram. With my baby number 3 I went all out too, that little munchkin even got a bassinet attachment, I know – shut up!!!! ha ha ha. Happy weigh in.

    • This one is FANCY ARSED Chards, just you wait and see!

      • I can’t wait to see it either! My first baby is due in september and while I already have basic nursery furniture planned in my head, prams and carseats etc are way too confusing. SO MANY CHOICES! and such a vast array of prices too!

        gosh. pregnancy is enough already just being pregnant (although i’ve had it pretty easy so far) without all this other stuff to do / decide etc!

        ps. absolutely loving your baby files too. and i wish i looked as gorgeous as kate all the while being pregnant.

  10. Hahaha love the reality of your blog!
    I’m 33weeks and feel like an uncomfortable whale who’s vagina is about to fall out! Having an eye kept on me now with weekly check ups as preeclampsia has been mentioned as I puffed up! Certainly not glowing!
    No exciting cravings or nesting happening here. I’ve started a list of things to be done mainly cleaning along with some freezer stocking. But the best of all I’m on maternity leave now, happy whale dance!

  11. When I was pregnant with my first baby I found myself alone in the house 8 months preggo standing on top of the kitchen counter cleaning the tops of the high cupboards ! Why !? It took me 10 mins to work out how to get down

  12. I did exactly the same as Sarah – climbed up onto the kitchen bench – with the vacuum – and cleaned the top of the cupboards, never did it again.
    The other thing I did was to thoroughly clean the 3 council wheelie bins – not just a hose out. I even got an old toothbrush and scrubbed the ridges under the top and around the wheels. And it goes without saying – I never did this again. My lovely neighbour Granny Pat was in stitches watching me – the baby was born 36 hours later : )

  13. Rach aka stinkb0mb says

    I use the 6 x 6 rules when decluttering – have I used it in the last 6 months? Will I use it in the next 6 months? If the answer is no to either, then it gets chucked. Gets rid of LOTS and is very liberating!

  14. But where are the photos of you and yours? Kate certainly gets good coverage but we need to see your bump, why even Archie got more coverage in utero than you?

    • Oh Chrissy NO one needs to see that! I am not one to stand on the side proudly showing my gut…I might get a little more brave you never know.

  15. Hilarious! Oh god, nesting sounds like a crazy person with a deadline to get the house ready for an alien invasion!

  16. Hi Beth…I am not pregnant (thank Christ) but your blogs are hilarious x

  17. The rumbler! I used to dream about such a thing as I rolled Grace in her cot over and over and over again at the edge of the carpet. Sometimes. I would put some bits of lego under the rug to make bumps. But the rumbler looks like the business. Now you just need a mechanical arm to rock the pram for you.

    I HAD to paint the single bed in Luca’s room when I was 342 weeks pregnant with him. Have photos of me in my undies and a singlet trying to paint all the fiddly bits on the bed with my enormous gut hanging out. Classy.

  18. Josie Mcbride says

    Nobody cleans like a pregnant woman. I remember cleaning out the back seat of my car and removing no less than 100 strawberry freddo frog wrappers. Made sure I hid all of the evidence in my neighbours bin.
    Good luck at the weigh in x

  19. I think I need to get pregnant just so my house and wardrobe can get a good old once over!

  20. I can’t relate to any of this, having never been pregnant – BUT – I’m just loving these updates! Hang on a sec… actually, I can relate to one thing: trying not to stuff my face with all the baked goods after successfully completing a one-day juice cleanse. I know, totes #cleanliving up in hurrrrr. x

  21. The date my daughter was due, I cleaned the washing machine. Yes. The Washing Machine.
    It HAD to be done. Enough said.

  22. Too funny Beth! How many wks are you now? I’m 29 wks and am wondering whether we’ll end up in hospital together- we definitely have the same ob- my weigh in is tomorrow, and I have 6 and 4yo daughters and agree things have changed even since then! I am working through my to-do list with gusto- in the zone!!!!

  23. Is that really Kim? When is she going to put that rear end away?
    No one wants to see that…except maybe Kanye.

    I second the other comments that a carrier is a lifesaver. I am loving my Ergo 360.
    You have to get some of those Love to Dream swaddle suits…amazing…I just zip Lyddie’s up and she knows it is time to sleep.
    Poor Lyddie doesn’t even have a chest of drawers…just a cot and a change table with shelves…I keep all of her things on the two shelves under the change table. Of course it is so hot up here all she really needs are nappies.

    When I was pregnant with Charlie I rented a power washer and power washed my house. Crazy. But so satisfying.
    With Lyddie we were renovating so I couldn’t nest as much…but I found satisfaction in eating ice cream.

    I mistakenly wrote bet! who was my mother!
    she would have been impressed!
    my cupboards so/so! … have done a couple lately! all good!
    better to have it all done when the baby comes! tell yourself good girl beth!
    love m:)X

  25. Bloody hilarious and well done at the gynos today x

  26. 19 days before baby number 4 arrived I was having my closest gf’s around for morning tea so OF COURSE the day before they came I was on my hands & knees scrubbing skirting boards & kitchen kick boards, I was climbing on chairs to wash windows & dusting the ac vents because they would be looking at those things & not my giant belly! I’m not sure if all that cleaning/nesting caused it but early in the morning after the morning tea my waters broke & 3.5 hrs later I was holding my baby.
    Keep some cleaning up your sleeve incase you need to bring on labour 😉

  27. Shazziebazzie says

    Your Kate pics crack me up! I never got the nesting bug, was too busy cleaning vomit out of my handbag

  28. I washed the front door during my first pregnancy too! Darbs came so bloody early that I never got round to any nesting at all!
    Mmmm gingernut biscuits. Need me some of those!

  29. You are hilarious! Your blog makes me feel normal, my friends/neighbors think I am a complete neat freak. Definitely good that you are doing it now, I am a mother of three, and it is busy! Wouldn’t trade it for the world though…most days;)

  30. Georgie Ross says

    Please keep the “Kate-isms” on the blog post baby’s arrival, they are priceless …. you are so funny Beth x

  31. LOVE THE UPDATES!!! I am excited for you guys!! I just can’t picture having a 3rd….. argh, still in limbo!! It is the thought of the pregnancy and body stuff that I think I am done with. hahaha. But I still have the hankering 😉

  32. love your posts…..but seriously WTF kim dirty dirty dirty

  33. I should get pregnant just to get the cleaning bug! God knows I need it. Still laughing at ‘bovvered’ need to work that into my vocab. Great article Beth x

  34. Hi Beth,

    Loving the Preggo Files. With my first nesting we had just moved into our new home when I was 4 months pregnant. At 36 weeks I got the urge to move the washing machine and clean underneath it! Just in case someone may want to look underneath! Probably shouldn’t have as I went into labour that night! With the second I moved the fridge and cleaned underneath that too. By the time I started nesting with my third I just went crazy cleaning everything insight. Good luck with it all.

  35. The nesting instinct is a powerful one … one of my friends even scrubbed her skirting boards with a tooth brush. We still laugh about it now! I craved anything salty and derived from potatoes for all three of my boys. Now they also have a healthy appreciation for feta, chips and potato pizza. #winning! x


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