Monday Meal Ideas: Warming & nourishing soups

Over the weekend the weather turned COLD. Freezing in fact, with the most ferocious and icy gale blowing for two days straight. It was the kind of weather you can't wash in, walk in, do ANYTHING in except for sitting inside with the fire AND central heating on wearing all your warmest … [Read more...]

Two dinners (or more) in one cook: Joda’s Ribs

One thing my family are obsessed with, it's food. It's our love language. We love to cook, we love to eat together and we love to share what's good. One thing that happens during this isolation business is when we catch up on House Party we inevitably ask eachother "what are you having for dinner" … [Read more...]

What I’m reading, watching & listening to

How's your Isolation consumption of stuff (that's not good) going? I'm talking books music, podcasts, movies and TV series? With no much else to do (ha! besides feeding our constantly hungry children and schooling them as well) have you had much of chance to take some time for yourself and watch … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: The humble sausage & chorizo

The quality of sausages over the years has vastly improved and now even the supermarket has a huge range of sausages that are available to us. No longer is it just about a banger - there are spices, taste combos that our grandmothers wouldn't believe. I always cook with sausages as they are cost … [Read more...]

Slow days, tears and stars

How are you going guys? We are nearing the end of our second week of school holidays that all seem to blend into one. The days have been slow and yet I'm now wondering how on earth we go back to home schooling next week and that routine? It's only been 4 weeks of this strange new world and yet it … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Chicken

A few weeks ago I got a email from my Step dad who had gone through their freezer and was looking for recipe ideas for what they had. They had mince, sausages, beef and of course that classic: CHICKEN. Whether it's mince, thighs or breast of course I was able to help him out with some ideas...that's … [Read more...]

Easter 2020

This was the strangest Easter I can ever remember: being stuck at home in isolation, not seeing any friends or family, no Easter markets and no visitors in our home. With everything being different I was determined to stick to the norm as much as I could, lots of decorations, lots of good food and … [Read more...]

Potato Cakes/fritters/hashbrowns/pancakes/rosti

You might remember that a few weeks ago we got a 10kg bag of spuds from our local potato farmer down in the meadow so we have been pretty much having spuds with most meals. I've done potato bakes, chips, mash, hasselback...and this morning I decided that it was time to make a hash brown. A latke. A … [Read more...]

Hot Cross Buns

Much like pastry, bread has always scared me a little in the kitchen. It's the yeast, the scientific nature of the weather, the this and and the that, that makes me all a little too scared. I LOVE the idea of baking my own sourdough but again, my fears have always got in the way. It's always … [Read more...]

5 acts of Kindness to yourself in this strange new world

If you are anything like me, the past month or so has had us all reeling. The world that we knew, took for granted and loved has been changed and we don't know how long this is all going to go for. There are economic losses (Rob and I have both lost A LOT of work we rely on) the girls are no longer … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: All of the EASTER things

Gosh it's hard to get your head around the fact that it is Easter this weekend isn't it? I just trawled through all my past posts and I must say, I just actually got a wave of the biggest SADS because I cannot believe that for the first time EVER I am not going to see my family for … [Read more...]

Lunch under the tree

On Monday (was that 6 months ago now?!) when we had to write out Maggie's recount of what we did on the weekend she looked at me and said "we did nothing Mum" and she was right. Kind of. We did do nothing and that is the going to be the case for many months ahead it seems. I mean we did do … [Read more...]

Date night at home: celebrating 15 years

As you guys would know, Rob and I celebrated 15 years of marriage last week and while we were meant to be having a party with all our friends and family (which will hopefully be at the other side of this bloody pandemic) we instead decided on making the most of the creative ideas local restaurants … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Perfect pasta

Good morning friends, hope you are doing OK this Monday morning as we start off another week in this strange new time we live in. I thought I would share some of my pasta recipes this morning as chances are, you have the odd packet sitting in your cupboard, or maybe you haven't been able to get any … [Read more...]

Strange days Indeed, most peculiar Mama

I've been wanting to write a blog post for the past week, but to be honest I haven't had the time or the motivation to do so. Man, what a time we are living in right now. It's important to journal and record these times so instead of mindlessly scrolling Instagram and obsessively checking the news … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: What I’m cooking this week

Good morning friends, hope you are ok. It's the strangest time I have ever known, days filled with news and stress and worry and angst. I have been waking at 4am every day, I toss and then remember what is happening with the world and then think, I'll just check my phone and then I am DONE for the … [Read more...]

Comfort in troubling times: the perfect egg & lettuce sandwich

I'm fairly certain that the reason that you will see an egg and lettuce sambo at most wakes after a funeral is because it makes people feel better. Sure, it might be about easily making it in bulk for groups of people but I like to think that there is magical healing powers in amongst two pieces of … [Read more...]

Full reporting: 2020 Robertson Show

When the weather on the weekend goes from this... To this... You know it must be show time! We had our local show on the weekend (just in time before the social distancing came into play) and we managed to get there on Friday to help the school out with the kids there on a … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: soup for now and the freezer

Good morning friends, what a weird time this is for so many of this. The world in a lockdown and isolation, as this virus takes hold. It's scary for sure isn't it? I am keeping cool and putting into practice the things we should be doing as well as staying at home as much as we can. Thought I would … [Read more...]

We still do

A few weeks ago it was the 29th February, that extra day in a leap year that comes around every 4 years. It was 16 years ago (in a leap year) that I was one of those brassy broads that decided that I would propose to Rob. It wasn't something I had planned on given that we had been a couple for all … [Read more...]