Monday Meal Ideas: Mid week winter warmers

The weather has turned (at last!) and we finally have some autumn temperatures on our hands. We had the fire on constantly from Friday night through to Sunday morning, and I have started to get an itching for a big batch of soup that can be made and last the whole week. While the day are sunny and … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting: the holiday edition

I am completely, entirely, fully NOT ready for school to go back this week. As the girls have gotten older and school has gotten more full on (activities increased etc) the holidays are as much as a break for me to take the pressure off for a while and after a long and stressful term 1, well these … [Read more...]

Dorothy May is 2 years old!

One of my favourite people in the WHOLE world had a birthday on the weekend...Miss Dorothy May turned 2! This little lady is truly PURE joy. She is hilarious, cheeky, funny and SO determined. I think she seems smaller than what she is because she is so delicate and has short hair, but this girl is … [Read more...]

Easter 2019

My goodness my pants are a little tighter after a BIG few days of eating and drinking that started Thursday afternoon, and I can't say will stop before tomorrow. My sister and her kids arrived Thursday afternoon, and from about 4.30pm when the first bottle of Prosecco was opened I can tell you that … [Read more...]

Easter entertaining shortcuts

A sponsored post for Woolworths With Easter just around the corner and school holidays in full swing, I wanted to put together some entertaining ideas for you guys that are simple, quick to make, no fuss, DELICIOUS and not too pricey - the kind of stuff I will be cooking, and … [Read more...]

The Throne Rangers: A podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {ep 14}

It's that time again - a brand new episode of the Podcast has landed just in time for your Easter holiday listening. There's LOTS to cover off and a disclaimer: due to a recording error the last 2 mins were cut off abruptly but we can assure you that not much was missed there! In the meantime let's … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: All of the Easter things

Somehow here we are at the start of the week before EASTER. Not sure how that happened you guys, I still haven't Marie Kondo'd my house and now it will be Christmas again before I have even had a chance to begin! Whether we like it or not, we have a wonderful long weekend ahead of us filled … [Read more...]

Autumn April days

We finally have daylight in the mornings which makes waking up a little easier. Each morning when I creep into Daisy's room to open the blind there's now a line of grey light around the window which makes things a little easier to pull the covers back and get on with it. I make her tea and toast, … [Read more...]

Just when Term 1 couldn’t get any longer, we get an Easter Hat Parade

A sponsored post for Woolworths In what has been the longest first term EVER (Ok, that may just be us) but we are staring down week 11 you guys, and I am TIRED. We have had the start of high school, the start of preschool, and in between starting school by herself for the first time ever (Harps … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Baking with apples

Apples are in season right now so what better time to grab some and use them to eat or bake with? There's nothing like a perfect apple is there? Full of juice, crispy and crunchy and packed with flavour! And there's nothing like baking with them either: matched with cinnamon and spices, they scream … [Read more...]

Full Maggie Update: 3 years, 10 months

With just next week to go in the school term I feel like we have finally got into the rhythm of the school week for Mags. It's taken quite a lot of time, but over the past 2 weeks we have had little to no tears (plenty of hesitation) but she gets it, she goes and she enjoys herself. What a term … [Read more...]

A wedding anniversary weekend in Canberra

The post weekend blues have hit hard for me since we got back from the most fun weekend I have had in a while. 2 nights away with my sister and her husband to celebrate our wedding anniversaries (we have the same date but 6 years apart I think) that we booked and planned at the end of last year and … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: High rotation Family Faves

Oh boy am I NO ready for the week to begin! We had such a lovely weekend (more details on that to follow I promise) that I am feeling a little flat that I have nothing else booked or planned to look forward to. I SO need something to look forward must get planning (and saving) for something. … [Read more...]

Dinner hack: Oven baked risotto

Hot, wet rice, as risotto is known at our house is not hugely popular. I ADORE chicken and mushroom with lots of parmesan but if I made it and served it up to the family there would be 4 noses turning their noses up at it. As a consequence, risotto very rarely gets a run in our house. But … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Simple, delicious food packed with flavour

If I had too explain my style of cooking, I think this would be it: something simple, filled with flavour and herbs and the end result is just plain yum. In fact, most times I cook I find myself saying: this is TASTY, even if I have made it. Here are some of my faves, I have realised that lots of … [Read more...]

The Throne Rangers: A Podcast for Royal Enthusiasts {ep 13}

Just when you think there can't POSSIBLY be more in the Royal family...the last two weeks happen. SO many outings. SO many things to discuss. Pop on your headphones and sneakers or make a cuppa or gin and tonic and settle in for this great listen. Like, Megs and this short dress and double handed … [Read more...]

What I’m reading, watching & listening to

Hello my friends, how ARE you? Feel like I haven't had a proper catch up with you in ages. What's been happening? I must say that today I have been struggling with all the news happening out there in the big bad world. It's all so depressing isn't it? No wonder I try not to pay too much attention to … [Read more...]

Brazil on the Hill

I think it was a few months ago when Lucy and Chris (my sister and her husband) decided that they would have a "just because" party. They both are the hardest working people I know...with their own businesses and small kids they spend their entire lives working (weekends included). Our social lives … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Getting soup back on the menu

We have had some RAIN. Not just drizzle you guys, but glorious, drenching fact a whole day of it yesterday that filled up our rain gauge until it was overflowing. What a gift! You can hear the farmers squealing for joy around these parts. The cooler weather has me thinking of soup … [Read more...]

Our Town: Yabbie Day

It's been many a year since we have seen a Yabbie Day around these parts I think the last might have been in 2013. People got busy, no one wanted to organise it, and like many things do, it fell to the wayside. My girls always spoke about the memories they had of catching them in the morning, and … [Read more...]