That 41 year, 10 month old wisdom

Last week I had some time to myself (I know! unheard of!) You see I was getting the car serviced and I sat in a cafe waiting for a lift for someone to take me home...I had about an hour or so, so I whacked up on Instagram one of those ask me a question thing. They are always so much fun to do - I … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: baking biscuits or slices

It's cold, we're all tired and we still have some more of the school term to go so it's time for me to get comfort baking for the girls. And me! I love to get some lunchbox baking done at the start of the week to have a big container full for lunchboxes or afternoon tea and of course a little pick … [Read more...]

Tweens and Teens and periods oh MY I remember one of the first things that came into my mind when I delivered my children was “OF COURSE IT’S A GIRL!” and then I got to say that two further times. 3 girls. 3 lots of hormones and eye rolling and teenage years … [Read more...]

Me time when there’s no time

There's been a consistent theme for me so far this year, and right now moreso than ever. THERE'S NO TIME. I seem to be chasing my tail more than I ever have been before, literally from the moment I'm awake. it's game ON. This is no different to any of your lives, we are all the same, running our … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: A roast for all occasions

Good morning friends! I hope you are ready to tackle another's cold AND raining here this morning which made it hard to get up when my alarm went off, but I am up, I have the fire roaring and the central heat going so when the first of the girls wake up it will be nice and warm for them as … [Read more...]

Miss Rabbit’s very good chorizo soup

We call my friend Zoe, Miss Rabbit because much like the character in Peppa Pig, she is always very busy and has a gazillion different jobs. Now I am a hard worker, I come from a family of do-ers so I KNOW busy people because I am one, but Miss Rabbit, well, she does it all. 3 teenage kids, a busy … [Read more...]

Another June long weekend

Another long weekend has passed with lots more beautiful memories locked away with my brother and sister in law and their family. It's been a tradition for them to come down and spend it with us for as long as we have lived here - I think this was 8th year. You can check out what we have got up … [Read more...]

1920s Speakeasy Ball 2019

And we are done. PRAISE BE. Always such a relief when an event you have been working on has been and gone, without any dramas and lots of happy guests. This year was particularly tough for us as the committee consisted of just two of us: Lucy and I. We treated it like a dinner party (except for 130 … [Read more...]

Full & Thorough Reporting

You guys it's dark and freezing as I write this huddled by the fire before anyone wakes. I was up for hours in the night with a cold that I have been avoiding at all costs (too busy/no thank you/I'm fine thanks/move on) but I dragged myself out into there darkness to get the fire stoked and filled … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: The comfort of pasta and noodles

Looks like we have another blast of cold weather about to hit us here - last week it was MISERABLE with freezing winds and below zero temps for days and thankfully the forecast is saying that tomorrow we will have some rain! Oh how we need it! The idea of a day of solid, drenching rain sounds like … [Read more...]

What I’m reading, watching & listening to

It's been a while between these posts so thought it would be time for a group chat on what we have all been listening to, watching and reading so that we can share the good stuff. A water cooler moment in out non existent offices if you will. I'll start shall I? Good one. I have been off my … [Read more...]

Who doesn’t need a wardrobe wingbird?

A sponsored post for Living where I do I don’t have a HUGE range of shops to visit (or to be honest, time or inclination to peruse shops) so shopping online (hello wine and no bra!) has been great for someone like me to have access to anything I like from here and around the … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Warming soups

It is the most revolting day outside in the Highlands today with a gale blowing and icy winds bringing every leaf up into the air. It's FREEZING, and rightly so given that winter starts this week. As soon as the weather turns my stomach and heart turns to the comfort of a big pot of soup. I make a … [Read more...]

One thing: That dodgy this and that

You guys, it has been a VERY long time between #onethings hasn't it? In fact it's been about 18 months since I did one. And it's not that I have been doing them and then not writing about, I literally just haven't been doing them. Too busy? No excess money? Whatever the case, there's been a whole … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: mid week family faves in our house

Week 3 of the school term was not the best with us: everyone seemed to be sick or getting sick (colds, sore throats) and a little exhaustion thrown in for good measure. Things aren't sounding much better with the coughing and spluttering I can hear coming from their rooms already so it's going to be … [Read more...]

The roots that bind us

I've just come home from a very special weekend away with all of Rob's family. There was lots of laughter, sharing of memories, tears and stories and of course love. We were there with his Dad and step mum, his brother and wife, his two cousins and their husbands and us. A ramshackle group of adults … [Read more...]

Maggie is 4 years old!

We have a new photo to add to the very large more candle blown out as our baby girl is now four! I can't believe that she finally made it after a LOT of questions and asking when it was her turn (she was not so patient when her cousins had their birthdays in … [Read more...]

The Throne Rangers: A podcast for Royal enthusiasts {ep 16}

Also known as: ALL ABOUT ARCHIE! At long last the we can discuss, celebrate, rejoice and embrace the latest member of the Royal family: ARCHIE HARRISON MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR. Harry your hand clasp was EVERYTHING! As requested by you guys, there was MUCH to discuss, and … [Read more...]

Face Stuff

It's been almost 3 years since I started to take looking after my skin properly. I knew once I hot my forties that the dodgy nivea moisturiser and not EVER washing or cleansing or toning was going to cut it anymore. I've spent lots of money on different things, I have had numerous and continuous … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Get some fish & seafood on your table

As I shared with you guys last week, I have been trying to get some more seafood onto our table doing the week - helping all those growing brains with some good oils and of course because I love it! Thought you might like to see some of the other ways we eat it at our place.. Fish burgers … [Read more...]