Monday Meal Ideas: Roast to the rescue

Good morning friends! Hope all is well in your world this morning. We have our full second week of the school term ahead, Rob away for a shoot for a few days and really getting back into the swing of things with work…it’s all happening again. Last week I rolled a few roast meats – not the standard roast dinner with all the veggie trimmings, more like a meat and lots of salad on the side. Was reminded of how good it can be to whack them in and not think about much for the next few hours. Add in a salsa verde or chimichurri instead of a gravy for a summer twist…here are some of my favourite roasts you might like this week:

Roast Chicken
Lamb shoulder with salsa verde
Slow cooked pork belly
Roasted pumpkin with fennel & chilli

Hope that you all have a great week ahead. It’s been great to be back in the office and into a routine again. It’s exciting thinking about plans and getting stuck into it again. Hope that you have a great week ahead, stay sane and safe and out of iso if you can x


  1. I’m looking for your delicious lasagna you made for your teenage daughters birthday?
    I think it was pretty much vegetarian with a bit of bacon?

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