Monday Meal Ideas: Gifting delicious Christmas treats

If your Christmas act is starting to shift into gear you might be thinking about things you can gift to teachers or loved ones you will hopefully be visiting this year. There’s nothing like a home made gift and there’s nothing better than something you can enjoy over the festive season with lots of entertaining happening. Thought I would share some of my favourites I have enjoyed and shared over the years:


How is your week ahead looking? We have exams…lots of end of year stuff and lots of work in the shop as we try and get all your orders out before Australia Post takes too long. If making food isn’t your idea of fun you can always start shopping online here. Lucy and I will even write in your card and send it off directly for you…too easy!

Hope you guys have a great week, stay healthy, dry and warm x


  1. Drats!!! Years ago you told this American how to make up the spice mix that goes into the fruitcake. I have lost those instructions and want to make the cake again this year. Can you please tell me again what the ingredients are to that spice mix? We loved that cake.

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