Thai chicken noodle salad

I made dinner last night, and it was good. After a week of eating, well, A LOT, a simple salad with punchy asian flavours was called for. Something COMPLETELY different to the prawn/ham/roasted meat scenario. I made this salad up as I went, with the help of my trusty brother-in-law (the ex-chef). I had no exact measurements (because I was drinking and too busy chatting to pay attention), but you get the drift.

Thai chicken noodle salad

6 chicken breasts
Vermicelli noodles
Bunch of mint
Bunch coriander
Bunch of basil
Some loose mixed lettuce leaves
Toasted cashews
Punnet of cherry toms
1 mango
Red chilli
Coconut cream

Fish sauce
White vinegar
Palm sugar
Lime juice
Coconut cream
Garlic & ginger

1. Create a stock for the chicken to be slowly poached in. The aim is to get nicely shredded chicken which you can pull apart with your hands. To do this you will need to poach the chicken slowly for 15 mins or so. My brother-in-law made this bit but he just whacked in some water, some coconut cream, 1 red chill, a little palm sugar, fish sauce, coriander, lemongrass/ginger and garlic.


2. I then made the dressing which was pretty much the same (except no water). It’s keeping the very simple principle of asian flavours: salty, sweet, sour and citrus – so add them all in until you get the balance right using the ingredients in the dressing above.


3. Into a bowl rip the leaves off the fresh herbs (basil, mint and coriander).


4. When the chicken is cooked (you can pull a piece out and check if it is firm to touch) sit it aside to cool down a little and then shred it with your hands pulling the flesh apart – peeling it almost.


5. Throw in some m iced leaves – we had some baby spinach to be used up, the cherry tomatoes, the shallots and mix in with the ripped herbs. Cover the noodles with boiling water in a bowl and let them sit for a few minutes then strain and add in as well with the shredded chicken. Slice up a mango and toss that in too. Toast the cashews and chop roughly and sprinkle on top. Mix and dress thoroughly.


6. We served up the salad in ice berg lettuce bowls because we were trying to be FANCY. You could totally skip this part though!


NOTHING will wake up your taste buds quicker than some asian flavours so onto it!


  1. Madeleine Morris says

    Well this is getting a belting NYE. I’m duffed so no mojitos, but please have one for me!

  2. Chrisy Clay says

    Yum. Have pinned this one so l can try it after New Years. We love to eat food like this during Summer. Be well Beth xx

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    This looks so good ,great for a hot night,thank you for sharing Beth!

  4. made it. demolished it. yummo.


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