Monday meal ideas: mid week dinners

If Monday isn’t hard enough, no doubts you will have to work out what to feed yourself this week. I know! It’s RELENTLESS. Thought I would help you out with some dinner suggestions that we eat during the week. Quick and yum…promise!

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Chicken schnitty
Oven baked chorizo risotto
Beef & Vegetable Stew
Simple tuna pasta

Hope this week is a good one for you all!


  1. Linda Jenkins says

    My husband is away for 2 weeks and does alot of our families cooking as I work most evenings.

    I am all over the meal planning this week.

    Chorizo,potato and capsicum frittata
    Chicken snitzels, corn on cob and cauliflower cheese
    Lamb and mushroom slow cooked casserole – double quantity to have next week
    Spag bo- double quantity to have next week or use for lasagna
    Steaks and veges
    Prawn and chilli spaghetti – your recipe Beth 🙂

    • You’re all over it Linda…good luck!!

      • That prawn and chilli spaghetti has turned into my youngest teen girl’s fave and I roll it out as a surprise on a Friday night and then out for frozen yoghurt somewhere groovy in town (bonus points, she cleans bathroom with minimum fuss on weekend). If I cook chicken schnitzel, I get a mum award and compliance with everything. I cook to please, get compliance with chores and double quantities if I can to make life easy. Planning that risotto everyone raves about as we worship chorizo in the is home.
        Love this post and recipes.

  2. I made the chorizo risotto and the beef casserole last week – both yum particularly the risotto – husband thought it was delicious! This week, I have a bol ready to go, slow cooked lamb chops (adding a can of chopped toms and a sachet of french onion soup) a Michelle Bridges chipotle pork thing and a chicken casserole in the freezer.

    This term my kids are both playing basketball so we get home after 6 three times a week – didn’t cope last week but am on it this one!

    Oh and I made your chocolate cake yesterday… yummo!

  3. Brilliant! Nothing better than planning week’s menu on Sunday/Monday, nothing! The oven-baked risotto has been on high rotation here since Miss 10 was born, it never fails to please.

    Happy Monday lovely Beth xXx

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that risotto recipe changed our lives! Then we stopped eating meat so when we do have it it’s a massive treat for us now. Love it to pieces!

  5. Thanks Beth! I love a good recipe.
    Could you also post the recipe for Beth’s Chicken? My goodness that looked delicious…..x

  6. Just what I needed. Cheers Beth! xo

  7. I like to mix it up with veal schnitzel instead of chicken – served with a squeeze of lemon – delish!

  8. You are a giver you are. Thank you for saving our bacon. Did you schitz with panko breadcrumbs the other day. Yum yum and yum.

    • You are SO welcome. Panko is just the SHIT. I saw on a cooking show the other day a whole pork chop dipped in panko and fried. For all things holy in this world I WILL be giving that a red hot go x

  9. Love it. I’ll make the risotto tonight. In the mean time I’m making your chocolate Anne cake in Cocos Keeling. So far so good.

  10. Mondays are “Soup Night” – it means I can cook from the cupboard/fridge without needing to go to the shops. Thursday is Pasta night. Helps to have two nights sorted 🙂 Less thinking! X

  11. Same- I have meat night Monday, chicken night Tuesday etc etc. I’m stretched to the limit already I don’t need to use spare energy on difficult decisions!
    Is the risotto spicy with the chorizo? I ask bc my littlest is very averse to anything “spiky” in his food.

    • The risotto isn’t too bad at all – you can hold back on any spice of you want – just use the flavour from the chorizo.

  12. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Thanks for the ideas I’m over what to cook for dinner!

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