Homemade Gozleme

This week my Mum sent me a text message with a photo of some tortillas that she had made from scratch from my blog post a few months ago. She was so excited, but not as excited as I was. There isn’t anything much better than teaching someone something that they then love and pass on – especially in the kitchen – it’s the BEST thing! There have been so many recipes of Gourmet Girlfriends that I have made and loved. There is something about her recipes that are just bloody brilliant. They are easy, they make sense, easy to follow, not caught up on being perfect and dead set delicious every time. They also make things that would seem out of your reach actually accessible. I’ve made home-made BREAD, GNOCCHI, and now? Homemade Gozleme. That makes me about 78% more legitimate in the kitchen than I was before. I saw her instagram feed, read her blog, and the next thing I knew I was serving them up for our lunch today much to the delight of Rob and Harper.

With the permission of Gourmet Girlfriend and of course a link back to her original recipe, I give you…

Homemade spinach and haloumi gozleme

250grams plain flour
1 cup plain greek yoghurt
Pinch salt
Handful of spinach leaves
Olive oil spray

G1 G2 G3 G4

Combine the plain flour and yoghurt in a mixing bowl. Get your hands in there and when it’s like a dough place it on a floured bench. Give it a quick knead and then divide into smaller pieces (I cut my dough into 8 pieces I think).


Roll it out…the thinner the better. Any size will do – don’t worry about being perfect, it’s very underrated.


Get your haloumi into a hot pan and fry up until it gets that golden crisp – a few minutes either side. Sometimes haloumi I have used lets out a whole lot of liquid, if it does just wait for that to evaporate and you will get the crispy outside that is so delicious.


Use the same pan you cooked the haloumi in for the gozleme. I sprayed the frypan with oil placed the thing dough in, then literally rip the spinach leaves off. Place them on the dough, then some haloumi then flip it over like an omelette. Press down and spray the top of the dough and flip. Press down and flip again if you need to.

G8 G9

Cut it up into pieces and serve with a lemon wedge, or CHEEK if you are feeling fancy. GG uses black cumin seeds in her recipe because she is fancy as fuck when it comes to the kitchen. I don’t know what these are, or where to get them, but I suspect they would make this even better.

G10 G11

I reckon this took 10 mins to make. TEN. Flour. Yoghurt. Spinach. Cheese. Could it be any easier? Pretty healthy too. I’m not going back now…

Are you a gozleme fan? Me too! Always getting them at the markets.
How good is Gourmet Girlfriend?


  1. GourmetGirlfriend says

    i luff you.

  2. Nicky Perry says

    So making that tonight! Thanks.

  3. Omg that’s awesome – I’m always stopping to grab some when they pop up at a food stall…and I’m also off to check out gourmet girlfriend … Thanks for the hot tip 🙂

  4. penelopesmama says

    I use that recipe, it’s fabulous! So handy to whip up for us as we’ve always got Greek yoghurt in the fridge. But I do feta instead of haloumi.

  5. pixelhazard says

    Oh this looks delicious! I love gozleme & what better way to get more spinach into the diet, lol

    X. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  6. Oh my!!! We LOVE gozleme in our home. MUST try this! Another GG classic! x

  7. Spinach looking like silverbeet or is that the same thing?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Sorry…yes! Silverbeet. I always think they are the same when they are not. Worked either way – GG uses baby spinach leaves in hers.

  8. Sarah Tovey says

    Now I have mastered the pizza base…yes pretty proud of myself I will definately give these a go. A nice Friday night alternative to Pizza.

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I actually have never made them though I have all the ingredients in the fridge to do so I think it must be time I tried it ,Thanks for the reminder GG has the best recipes doesn’t she Beth x

  10. I read this post this morning and I can not stop thinking about it. Seriously. Must go make it this weekend. x

  11. Emma Steendam says

    Whyyyyy don’t I have any haloumi in the fridge?! Whyyyy is it a freaking two hour trip to the supermarket?! Never fear, I’ll find a substitute. Veggie patch just happens to be exploding with spinach, it’s like you and GG live in my mind. Or my veggie patch.

    May have legitimately laughed out loud at the fancy as fuck comment. You should try the cumin seeds, they’re good. My fancy as fuck friend Ange buys them in BULK CATERER packs such is her love and frequency of use. Nutter.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Do you have fetta? I bet you have fetta! Use that. MAKE SOME farmer girl!

      • Emma Steendam says

        No fetta! Noooooooo. I’m not going to town until Monday, this means a leeeaaan weekend, sad panda. We’re not dairy farmers Beth 😉 You want lamb chops or beef cheeks? I got it.

  12. MotherDownUnder says

    I am the worst flipper! I have made gozleme a few times…it always tastes good but it never looks pretty thanks to my terrible flipping!

  13. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    This is on our fave list too after seeing it on GG blog. I love it. So easy and deliciious.

  14. Would you like to adopt me? Please adopt me? and feed me! This looks amazing Mumma Mac! Can’t wait to try it out here at home. X

  15. You need to check out Thug Kitchen.com LOVE those recipe write ups, cursing and great looking food

  16. I used to buy goleme at my local Saturday morning market from the loveliest Iranian mother and her family. I now moved north to Townsville and I miss her delicious treats. Thanks for sharing the rece. I’m going to giv them a try. Yum!

  17. Yum , I want to try this thanks Beth.

  18. Wow. What a revelation! Three teenage boys after a morning of cricket, two bored little sisters who hate watching cricket and all was forgiven after I fed them these gozleme. Such a quick, cheap and delicious lunch. Will now be a regular. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Emily Furlong says

    I loooooooove gozleme! Thank you! I haven’t had this since my Turkish friend returned to Istanbul with her family….. Just added to the shopping list! YUM! PS replace black cumin with normal cumin and you’ll get a very delicious flavor still 🙂

  20. Janelle Spear says

    Yum!! I am going to make these for lunch tomorrow!! Too easy!! Thanks

  21. Oh yummy! We have loads of silverbeet in the garden at the moment. This recipe would be perfect to use some up.

  22. My whole family are addicted to gozleme. My 12 month old LOVES it almost as more as me. Almost. We get it weekly from the local kebab shop. Legit REAL gozleme. Mmmm.

  23. Nicole Everett says

    Was trying to avoid going to the grocery store today, it’s 30 mins away from where I live and after seeing this I realised I have all the ingredients in my cupboard. Thanks for the idea, came at the right time.

  24. mayceegreene says

    Made them last night. Easy and delicious. Just like the real thing!
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  25. That looks bloody delicious!

  26. Well… bloody hell I never knew they could be that simple! I will have to make these this weekend for Sunday lunch for the fam. I am thinking of the fillings you could substitute in also… yummmmmmm.

  27. yay! I’ve been wanting to make gozleme for yonks and now I finally have the balls to do it!

  28. This works awesome with gluten free flour also. I have done all different fillings in it, spinach and feta, garlic, butter and cheese, etc. I have also cooked these in my sandwich press.
    I have also lightly cooked them with a garlic butter filling and then used them as a rustic gluten free pizza base yummy!!!

  29. These look amazing! How can I print a copy?

  30. There is nothing better than gozleme. I’ve never been game to make my own but this looks too easy!


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