easy holiday cooking

I’m in official holiday mode. And for me, besides the day time naps, booking reading and over consumption of food and booze, it means time for some new cooking. Time to pour over some cook books and magazines and get inspiration for some new classics for the year ahead. There is something about not HAVING to cook, that makes me want to cook. The not rushing around in a normal routine means that I try things I normally wouldn’t, and the results are always superior. Relaxed cook = good food.

Here are some simple things I want you to try in the next few days. They really are dead easy, all delicious and will impress visitors because they make you look like a legitimate cook! We have my sister and her husband arriving today (along with the gay Godfathers) so tonight I am making a huge batch of pulled pork tacos with the home-made tortillas. Delicious and everyone will be impressed! There will be no turning back once you give some of these a crack…promise!

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1. Pickled cucumbers


I’ll be making another batch of these while we are away here because they are so dead set delicious and we used up all the others I made a few weeks ago. A cracker, some aged cheddar and a couple of these over the back and a crisp white wine and you are DONE. Heaven! Get the original recipe here (or click on the picture).

2. Gozleme


Instead of the haloumi whack in some fetta/ricotta and you will be transported to the nearest markets. Except you’ll be at home! You can even whack in some Christmas ham as well…SCHWING! Get the original recipe here (or click on the picture).

3. Tortillas


Without a doubt this has been the most popular recipe I have posted this year. I even converted my Mum with them! Just make them, it’s an order. Get the original recipe here (or click on the picture).

4. Stock


We had roast chicken last night so this will be on my to-do list today too. Too easy to do with such a great end result that can be used in so many other things. Get the original recipe here (or click on the picture).

Do you like to cook on your holidays?
Or this a time for you to do NOTHING?


  1. Margaret Elvis says

    Some of these recipes not for us but the tip about making the stock is one I’ve taken special note of so thanks Beth. Anything made at home is so much better than buying the same thing in packets. It’s always good to know just what is contained in the food we eat. I do so admire people like yourself who are excellent and also experimental cooks. I guess I was bought up in the 1930s and 1940s when people just had simple, old-fashioned meals but, way back then, most ingredients available today were not in the shops.

  2. I’ve made your gozleme months ago for the hubs and myself. The baby ate more than we did lol. It didn’t turn out as great as yours look but it was still a hit. Thanks Beth!

  3. Kylie Gardner says

    Hubby has pissed off to the soccer with the boys tonighy, so its fish fingers for the big kid (don’t judge me), a vegie mash up for the bub and I’ve decided I’m having gozleme for dinner. Maybe with a vodka, lime and soda on the side 🙂 thanks for reminding me about this one.

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