Just call me Bev: Lemon Syrup Cake

One thing we have always got on our bench, is lemons. Perhaps it’s Mama’s penchant for a G&T with a slice of lemon or the fact that I just like how they look in a bowl – that colour! – there are always lemons around here. When I was reading Jane’s blog on the weekend and I spotted an easy recipe that calls for lemons – well I knew it was going to have to have a Bev run. Perfect for morning tea pop ins round these parts and or having Daisy’s best friend over for a play date. Now, the recipe is from someone called Liz, but I don’t know who she is, so I will just say thank you and link back to the original source Jane. Thanks ladies…!

Easy Lemon Syrup Cake
: 3 tablespoons melted butter
: Grated rind of 2 large lemons
: 1 cup self raising flour {sifted}
: 1 cup sugar
: 1/3 cup milk
: 2 eggs

For Syrup
: 1/3 cup of lemon juice
: 3 tablespoons icing sugar

: Zest the lemons and chuck into the mixing bowl

Little people are always interested in making cakes aren’t they? And yes, those socks are dirty…I swear I mop my floors…

: Throw all ingredients into the bowl and mix well for a few minutes. This may take longer when you have to stop every few minutes because it’s “MARH TEEEERN!”

: Pour into a greased loaf tin and throw into a pre heated {180 degree} oven until cooked – 30 to 40 mins or until a skewer/knife comes out clean

: To make the syrup add the juice and icing sugar together until combined. Not like this, where it’s all lumpy like…

Now, the thing is, the cake didn’t rise. It actually sank, like a sad thing, but that did NOT stop me from guzzling it down. I think I added extra butter by mistake. And yes, my child is on the bench because she was SO excited that the cake was WEEEEADY Mum WEADY! CARK! WEADY!

: Pour over syrup when the cake is hot

: Serve up to 3 hungry kids immediately

It’s a bit sad this little cake, but I can assure you it was delicious and DEAD easy.


  1. I saw this on Jane’s site and made it too! It was easy. And tasty.

  2. Yummo! I’m devouring lemons at the moment so I may very well make this this week….maybe I should make two so the Mr gets some??

  3. Looks great, must try it.
    Love your photos of the cake making experience.

  4. have some in the oven ready for morning tea, hope some left for kiddos when they get home from school – if all else fails some digestives hiding in cupboard

  5. I have goosebumps just looking at that metal spoon against metal bowl! But your cake looks very scrumptious and the small people very sweet!

  6. Oh, those little helpers are very cute! The cake looks amazing, and by the looks of those floors, they’re spotless!!


  7. Forget about the cake, I love the kids!! SOOOO cute xx

  8. In a first, I am going to make that cake today! I have a sick boy on the couch and a bucket of lemons.

    Thanks Bev!

  9. I have a morning tea on Saturday to visit a friends new house – this will be getting a run. Thanks.

  10. Any recipe that starts off with butter and lemon rind gets my attention. Cheerz Bev!

  11. Good work Bev! looks yummo. x

  12. Made this too on Monday sooo yum, lovely pics!

  13. Yum, lemons, i was all out (i use them in squeezed orange juice, love zest!!) & WISHED i had lemons tonight to squeeze on schnitzle, like desperately, i want a lemon tree, grew up with one & never wanted for lemons, certain never ran out. Mmmm. How did i miss so many of your post weekend blogs?? Love Posie

  14. Yummy, this looks delish lady. Loving those pics of Harper, so sweet :o)
    Next time you’re up for some super simple baking and want to knock a lemon off your bench, you should try this one:


    Bloody beautiful! xo

  15. Lemony. Sweet. Easy. This one looks like an all round winner. So much for sugar free september!

    here’s my go to super easy lemony crowd pleaser…


  16. Lemony. Sweet. Easy. This one looks like an all round winner. So much for sugar free september!

    here’s my go to super easy lemony crowd pleaser…


  17. I know you posted is recipe AGES ago, but I keep coming back to it and make it, over and over and over again! Its so delicious!!! A new family favourite!

  18. Lisa laird says

    Basking in my own Sunday morning serenity having just made this great cake for the wee ones…

  19. Random question…I’m after a good grater/zester…..would you recommend the one you have…..I always find they never grate like they should, cheers Beth

  20. Hi Beth,
    Have you tried making this in a savarin/bundt tin? I’ve made this delicious cake a couple of times now and found that for some reason, if I put it in a savarin tin it doesn’t sink and comes out moister than in a loaf pan (even when I double the batter and put half in each).


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