Full & Thorough Reporting: February

It’s been a busy month and a bit since my last blog post – I have to apologise for the lack of content on here. It’s not for lack of motivation I just cannot seem to make the time to sit down and write and share like I once did. Frustrating for me (and you, maybe?) but today I promised myself that I would make the time, and so here we are.

February has flown by in a blur of back to school and life routine. It’s seen many covid restictions fall away and many cases grow through the girls schools. Lucy and I have had some normal time back in the office at last after juggling kids and holidays. It’s been good to get back into it all as well as start a new season before us. There have been many many days of rain here in the Highlands (everywhere on the east coast it seems). But let’s take a look at what we have been up to.

I hosted a Valentines day lunch for some friends in the village just before Daisy turned 15. What better way to celebrate love than to have a long lunch to celebrate that with people that you love? We ate and drank, we played our favourite love songs and enjoyed being together around a table…my favourite thing to do on a late summer’s Sunday afternoon.

Then of course on Valentine’s Day, Daisy turned 15. Can you even believe that? Because this blog wouldn’t even exist without her it, I still can’t believe that it’s been 15 of Daisy, and writing about her. Crazy. Because she is 15, I was not allowed a photo but we did get one with Mum and my step dad as they headed out the door after a quick family dinner. It’s the best we could do. I’ll take it.

We have been trying to walk most mornings if we can manage it with the weather and I can’t believe how dark the mornings are now in mid March. Head torches are required these days but the mornings are beautiful when you can celebrate them. We desperately need a break in the very wet weather we have had….hoping for warmer and clearer days ahead for us this month.

I discovered a new gin and a new tonic this month….always worth mentioning as this one is local to the Highlands. Love this new tonic too as it is quite light and doesn’t distract from the taste of the gin too much. I think you can get this tonic water in Dans or online – have heard great things about some of the other flavours too.

I also bought this new gin from Four Pillars online…I had been recommended this by many people and looking forward to trying to in a latest new love…a martini!

I have also rediscovered a love for a martini after many years of not being able to drink them. I make mine with the following recipe:

70 mls gin
50 mls vermouth
Shake over ice and serve with olives

It tastes like delicious, crisp and so refreshing. Always only have one though…I will never make that mistake again!

Lucy and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary in our office in February too which was exciting. We have been able to really grow and take things to the next level in this space…we love it so much and so grateful that we found it.

We also had a visit to Sydney for work things: we had a few viewings with clients for new season stock as well as finally had a chance to enjoy a Christmas lunch celebration which we enjoyed at Totti’s in Bondi. My goodness the food was everything that we hoped it would be…SO good. And the people watching! 10/10 all round. We also had a lovely swim at Bondi as well as a delicious dinner with some friends and brands that we love at Balmoral Bathers Pavillion…sensational all round to step away from the office and kids and life and get some planning into action. We feel really pumped about what the year ahead will bring us. How lucky we are to work together.

The month was busy and crazy and wet and settling back into school life and filled with lots of wonderful times with people that we love. We are very lucky.

But that’s enough about me and us and life…how about YOU?
What’s been happening?
Tell me everything!



  1. Love, love your writing!! Thanks for continuing to blog amidst all the other things you have going on. A new post from you is something I always look forward to!

  2. Great post and a great February amongst all the suckiness.
    That dessert plating is A+. I need to find a vase like that with the holes that you can put the stems into – I’m sure it would improve my arrangements significantly – is it a recent purchase?
    The kids table is so cute with dolly’s setting and Dotty’s sandwich.

  3. Always love your blog posts X

  4. Cheekiechops says

    I found you again! It’s been hectic. I love hearing about your life and family and buying from you, you helped brighten up the day for this sad Melburnian over the past two years with your packages.
    Can I ask where that gorgeous blue dress with tigers s from, I saw lady at the Sth Melb market with same print but couldn’t bring myself to ask all asked up as we still are.
    Take care, you are sunshine

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