Saturday perfection

Yesterday we ended our fabulous week in Melbourne celebrating my beautiful sister in law’s 40th Birthday. It was held at Stones of the Yarra Valley and it was very grown up and FAB. 40th’s sure beat 21st’s that’s for sure.

The location was amazing and even though the day was miserable, wet, windy and cold it was a perfect day. The food was spectacular. The wine flowed. And the company was sublime. I got to spend the day with all my sister’s and brother, celebrate a very special member of our family and enjoy the occasion kid free. Afterwards we got home to all the kids and celebrated together. It’s one of the best days I’ve had in a long time and it’s exactly how I’d like to celebrate my own in a few years time.


  1. Looks sensational! A perfect way to spend a Saturday. I could do that every Saturday! x

  2. your gorgeous photos have captured this moment perfectly
    there is something magical about the yarra valley – love this little part of melbourne

  3. Gorgeous! Aren’t you getting all swanky and awesome with your camera! Love it lovely Beth!

  4. Gorgeous. I love your pics, and I just don’t comment enough on how much I love to drop by your blog.

    Kirsty x

  5. looks beautiful!!!!! and the dessert with the fairy floss – yuuum

    we’re off to the hunter valley next weekend for a family weekend and you’ve got me all excited!!!!

  6. Fabulous! Oh those desserts look amazing. I haven’t done the Yarra Valley without kids or being pregnant since my Hen’s weekend 6 years ago. Must add it to the summer to-do list!

  7. Great pics! When’s your coffee Table book coming out, Beth? xxx

  8. Beautiful photos Miss Beth. Particularly that necklace one.

  9. It looks gorgeous, very grown up indeed. The food, the venue and NO kids, wow!

  10. Looks like you had a f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s time! And the food looks very yum!

  11. What stunning photos, my mouth is watering! Love the necklace!

    Holli xo

  12. what a great week in melbourne and you have certainly got to experience our wonderful varied weather. i hope i have as much fun on my fortieth this week as you all seemed to have had at your sister in laws. when did we all get so grown up?

  13. gorgeous day! the food looks amazing xx

  14. Oh my!
    That sounds…and looks…like an absolutely heavenly afternoon.
    Wine, delicious food and no kids? I’ll take two, thanks!

    Safe travels home!

  15. Beautiful. So many gorgeous wineries in the YV. Your pics are delicious

  16. Looks amaaaazing lady, what a memorable way to spend a milestone birthday. Sometimes not even the weather can bring an occasion down, looks like you all celebrated beautifully xo

  17. I’ve been flicking through the posts on and off over the last week drinking in all the images and smiling. I thought it was best I tell you this was happening, that they are loved, so you keep making them. So I am.

    But you know that. Right? xo

  18. looks wonderfully posh and very enjoyable !

  19. Mouth watering here….

  20. Gosh I love your photography! Cannot wait to do The Nursery course! X

  21. Lovely pics…felt at though I was there sharing it with you in that beautiful part of Victoria. 🙂

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