Pretty in pink

Right. So it’s only 1pm? Huh. It feels much later. So much fitted into just half a day. So what’s been happening? Well. Let’s see.

I started my day at 4.45am to head off to the Flower Markets at Flemington. My Mum and I were doing the wedding flowers of a friend (nothing too big, just a few bouquets and bits) so had to go and get the flowers, get them arranged and off to Woollahra by 10am. That place is so amazing. All that activity. The colour. The people. The trolleys. The scent. I LOVE it.

Our brief was simple. Pink. Hot pink.

My Mother got the shits with all the cars there and parked not once but TWICE illegally. I was beside myself when they mentioned her car over the loud speaker and she had to go retrieve it. This sticker was whacked on the car. Goodness me! That rooftop parking is pretty ridiculous though…I think you have to get there at 4am to get a spot.

Two bouquets were delivered to a beautiful and excited bride. There’s nothing much better than a wedding is there? Maybe a new baby, the weddings usually involve more champagne.

I then hot footed it across the Eastern Suburbs to a ladies brunch to celebrate a 40th Birthday. So many fabulous people celebrating their 40th this year hasn’t there been? 1972 was quite the year. I looked tried and disheveled and not in my resort wear which was disappointing.

There was a man providing delightful treats. And collecting plates. And offering Bollinger and mojitos. His name was Ron and I think each and every one of those 25 ladies asked if they could take him home. So attentive was our Ron!

He even buttered your banana bread for you on request. He liked the way I called his jam Blueberry compote. See? Match made in heaven!

Mojito’s in the am? Why thank you VERY Much. I actually didn’t have one. I was driving.

What a special treat to catch up with some beautiful family on a Friday morning in the Spring sunshine.

Her sister gave her this FABULOUS Camilla Frank number for her Birthday.

And she got these numbers from her husband. They were most definitely not from Diva. I’m getting all sorts of wonderful ideas for my 40th…

Later tonight we are off to the Wedding and a good old catch up with friends by the sea. Until then I have to sort out these bags under my eyes and some resort wear. BIG day, BIG issues. Happy weekend!


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous.
    You could open a shop.

    I hope you have a most excellent weekend!

  2. The bouquets are DIVINE!! You are one talented mofo, Beth! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Have a fabulous weekend x

  4. Wow, things happen at 4am? In my world, 4am and midnight are pretty much the same thing.

  5. Gorgeous!! I love weddings too! For mine my (chosen) Aunty Joy came down from the bush with a ute full of roses from her garden and she (and Mum and other friends) did our table settings. So so beautiful! I have to say that I did help with the flowers for both my sisters’ weddings – just got out of it for mine! Oh, and I did the flowers for friends – there seems to be a theme here, and it seems my own blog post! Have a gorgeous night at the wedding!

  6. The pink is just so fabulous – perfect for a summer wedding. Hope your weekend is a little more laid back!

  7. oh beth, I have been hanging out for this post since I saw your tweet this morning
    gorgeous photos, lovely post, wonderful day

  8. Those flowers are gorgeous!
    And the 40th sounds great too, we could all use a Ron!
    Have a great time at the wedding – I love a wedding.

  9. OMG those flower are amazing! Gosh you are one talented lady! Do I spy peonies. Thank goodness for November and peony season! Wish it was all year long – but then they wouldn’t be so special!

  10. Pleaseost some wedding photos. Looks beautiful

  11. Such glorious flowers!

  12. The flowers are AMAZING! My S.I.L goes to the flower market every week and her house is always full of gorgeous colours and smells and I’m always jealous! I’ll just have to tag along with her one day but preferably not at 4am!

    Love that sticker! Lol… i’d keep it safe and re use it myself 🙂

    Sophie xo

  13. the flowers! the flowers! Soooo beautiful 🙂

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