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Thank goodness it’s Friday is what I have to say. And thank goodness we only have one more week of school before we can finally take a breather. This term has been FULL ON to say the least: sickness and colds, lots of extra circular stuff and sport and driving around, a sad Kinder with so many tears and fears…the thought of not having to get up and out the door each morning for a little while is enough to being a tear to my eye.

I know you don’t want to hear that Melbs, I know. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer for you now. In any case, let me distract you. It’s Spring you guys, spring has sprung in the village and it is looking an absolute treat!

This week we have had beautiful warm weather each day, longer days – it just does wonders for your mental health after a long cold winter. The simple joy of being able to open a window, have washing that dries! I do love the spring in the Highlands too – you can have 25 degrees one hour and 12 the next, sunshine and fires at night…perfect conditions!

Frank has had a spring haircut but he doesn’t want to talk about it and he most definitely does NOT want you to bring it up either ok?

Maggie has discovered cooking for herself and wants to do it all the time. It’s great sure, but she wants to DO IT, which means being left alone to do it. Don’t walk into the kitchen when she is cooking you guys ok?

I’m at that point of spring where I am still mostly wearing winter clothes so I am still shoving shit into my mouth that I shouldn’t be. Delicious exhibit A:

You see, it’s been so jam packed busy preparing the shop for the Christmas season ahead that I am up at 5.15 and often don’t eat until after 2pm. It’s not ideal because I then shovel carbs and sugar into me with tea before the afternoon begins. Soon enough I will go into body is a temple mode and start having green smoothies and walking again, just be prepared that is coming you guys ok? And do check out my shop if you need anything, it’s looking bloody marvellous at the minute.

Oh and speaking of the shop and work, remember when we were working a week or so back for the fashion shoot? Well some of the photos have been released and I must say Rob did such a great job. So proud of him and excited for him that he FINALLY had some work. It’s been a really tough year on him for many reasons, but having zero work due to the pandemic has been a real blow.

We had a lovely lunch for Father’s Day a week or so back (maybe it’s almost two now?!). It wasn’t very masculine with spring blossoms and pink everywhere, BUT! It was delicious food (all from Alison Roman’s NOTHING FANCY book I got for my birthday) and we drank excellent wine and Mum had a sleepover too. Here, have a look.

I hope whatever it is that you have been getting up to has been filled with happiness and kindness and love. I know so many people have been struggling for lots of different reasons: work, lock down, family pressures, health issues, but know that it’s going to be OK. I was thinking that driving in the car this week. Even when the very worst things happen to people: they have loved ones get sick, and die even. They live through terrible tragedies, loss and trauma, one thing that most people say in the end of it all that it’s Ok. It might take a long time, but in the end, sure you have changed and your world has changed, but it’s going to be OK. Whatever your struggles are, I hope you can remember that and look towards the future with hope. Where there is love and hope there will be happiness.

And if you can’t have that just yet, there’s icy cold beers on a spring afternoon to have.

There’s sunshine to sit in and people you love to be around. We’ll get there guys, we just will. Dig deep, stay positive and be kind to everyone, we are all going through shit, every day, trying our best. I hope you are OK x


  1. What a beautiful, hopeful post. Thanks for sharing and spreading a sprinkling of joy.
    Cheers Kate

  2. Loved the post and beautiful photos. Being over 70 and with medical issues we have been isolating at home in mostly sunny Queensland since early March. In fact it has been the most time we have spent together in our 49 years of marriage and we are enjoying this special time in the midst of uncertainty and stress. You add a great dimension to my pandemic life and so many of your posts resonate with the joys and difficulties of life that are familiar with so many of us. Please keep shining your bright light

  3. Love your work dear Beth. The idea of Maggie cooking when she was only born a moment ago has my head in a spin. Rob’s lunch had my favourite pink and green colour scheme and delicious looking food and your part of the world certainly is beautiful in Spring. My Sydney garden has done well this season. My hellebores are flowering better than ever before and the daphne was better this year too (your influence of course and thank you) and there are bluebells everywhere and still going strong. I love Spring. I wish it could last till autumn 😉

  4. Hey Beth, just wondering where your cocktail glasses with the pink tinge and gold rim are from? I would love to buy some!

    • These were a birthday pressie but I got them from the girls at the HUNTED in Cammeray. They may have more if you contact Lou on Insta or call the shop x

  5. Love your posts Beth. Happy holidays xx

  6. Love a check in post. Spring holds so much anticipation. I’m just hoping sunny QLD doesn’t get stiflingly humid too quickly. I started holidays yesterday and sugar soaped my bedroom today. Feeling VERY productive 😉

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