Weekends filled with bubbles and pre-birthday parties

Goodness me that weekend whooshed by didn’t it? One minute it was Friday night (dead/exhausted etc etc) and the next thing it was 8.15am Monday morning and I had to wake up EVERY kid. Why don’t they do that shit on the weekend I ask you?

We had such a lovely weekend – lots of social catch ups with friends and family and a few little celebrations in between for our Valentine who turns 11 this Wednesday.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Mum’s place for Linner (not to be mistaken for Brinner) a late lunch/dinner where we sat around and sipped ice cold prosecco and ate some delicious food. Kids were happy, as was I.

Mum trotted out a fabulous heart shaped pav for Daisy complete with berries and rose petals…so gorgeous. I love seeing Daisy happy with her bestie, they just make me smile as I remember those kind of friendships so well from that same age. Time sure is something isn’t it?

Sunday morning we were off to the pool for some swimming carnival practice we have coming up next week. Goodness I still remember the nerves and all round angst about those things from my own childhood….I completely get how Daisy feels about them. Harps? Much more like her Dad and willing to give anything a go. Bless her. Mags was just happy to get a swim in.

After more domestic duties of shopping and washing and getting ready for the week ahead, we headed to my sister’s place for another drinks party. More good food, friends and catch ups with cousins, I feel so happy that they get to spend so much time together.

It was too late to bed (again) and I feel even more tired than when we started the weekend, but boy was it fun!

What did you get up to on the weekend?


  1. I went to Merimbula for two nights with a group of amazing women (8 of us all up). We drank, ate, danced to a great cover band, laughed, cried, swam, relaxed, played pranks, and had incredible conversations. A restorative and bonding weekend. We are all on a downer today, missing each other now that we back in the real world.

  2. It was my husband’s birthday on Saturday so we had a weekend full of bubbles and fun. We even managed a sneaky Sunday sesh for 2 at the local pub when a friend offered to take our girls with her kids to the pool for … swimming carnival practice! Snap.

  3. It was my husbands birthday week and on Saturday we went to the 20/20 at the MCG and had a lovely dinner/drinks session with some old friends in the dining room. Watched some of the cricket and then continued chatting and drinking until they asked us to leave – last group standing! Sunday was a bit slow !

  4. I celebrated my birthday on Sunday at Machu Picchu. I am 1 month into a 10 month trip around the world with my 13 year old daughter. We are in South America at the moment and loving it, so much more than I thought I would

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