Birthday Boy

Sure yesterday was Mother’s Day, but it was something far more important than that…it was Rob’s Birthday! Given that I had had a few days off with my family we decided to focus on him for the day and celebrate with a little lunch with neighbour and her family. Even better than that, she made the Osso buco that we had for lunch. All I had to do was whip up some mash, make a carrot cake and host the thing. The perfect compromise.

There was a new watch (a fab wooden number from Down that little lane), book, scarf, gloves and socks for the Birthday Boy. And as the day went on it seemed that winter well and truly settled into our little village…it was freezing!

A slow afternoon of good food, wine and company, the warmth of the fire, some photography and happy kids was actually the perfect Mother’s Day treat for me anyway.

That Rob brings all the Macdonald girls in this house so much happiness, patience, kindness and love every day, I hope we got to turn the tables and spoil him. He certainly deserves it…and some.


  1. Happy Be-lated birthday Rob!

  2. Such great photos Beth! You have REALLY got the hang of it now girl.

    Happy Mothers day / Rob’s Bday! What a busy day you had yesterday.

    Sounds like he was rewarded for all his hard work as a great father and husby.


  3. Surely Osco bucco if your neighbour bought it? ๐Ÿ˜€
    Happy Birthday to Rob.

  4. Rob is a seriously cool cat. Many happy returns x

  5. Lovely… Looks like a great day.

    My big girl turned 7 yesterday – our menu was pancakes, pizza, a mushroom smurf house cake at lunch and an ice-cream cake after dinner…. Was lovely to share the day with her…

    Love love love the wooden watch! Off to google that now!

  6. So I read osso busco as OSSCKO BUCCO…. after listening to your podcast! Happy Happy Birthday to Rob!

  7. Don’t you mean Osco Bucco? You know, from the Northern Provinces of Italy?

    Happy Birthday Mr BabyMac, you’re one cool dude.

  8. Happy birthday to Rob!

    That Tim has worked his magic and your photography is getting better and better with every single post. Great stuff, Beth. x

  9. Love your photos. You are very clever. Such warmth in your house ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Happy birthday Rob !! Your photos are getting better and better … i aspire to have mine like yours one day!

  11. Have to agree with the photos, they are wonderful. Hope you had a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Happy birthday to Rob! x

  13. I’m loving your photos. Happy birthday to Rob.

  14. All very perfect, lovely photos, they evoke a feeling of being there, and intimacy but the only face is Rob’s, I like. I always feel silly taking photos of people for my blog (still nervous about the explaining that I have one), and a bit worried they’ll be funny about it.
    Happy Birthday Rob.
    I have a fail proof carrot cake recipe (from my MIL), which is the yardstick to all other carrot cakes now. Bloody hell I got in trouble earlier this year for baking another recipe! Particularly when my husband (who as an aside is a Rob too) found out it was baked in a round tin not square. I was nearly sent straight out to the doghouse to sleep. Apparently it has to be baked in a square tin only. Hello OCD.
    The recipe is a gem from a 1979 Vogue Living magazine (appropriately my birthday year), and the secret ingredient is a tin of crushed pineapple. Happy to share if you’d like.

  15. Sounds like a beautiful way to celebrate two important events lady. LOVE the photos, so expressive and lovely. Happy Birthday to your Rob, he is a lucky man to have three gorgeous gals to spoil him xo

  16. Happy Birthday Rob. Awesome shots, you just have a fantastic knack of conveying so much with your images.

  17. Happy Birthday Rob – you’re a SPUNK.


  18. I really can’t wait for the day when my babies are older and we can have long boozey lunches. This looks so delicious. Happy Birthday to your husbo. X

  19. Lovely post! Looked like a wonderful day…

  20. As I mentioned on Facebook Rob and I share a birthday! Have to say I’m jealous as Rob’s looked like a much better birthday than mine! I had to spend it with extended family for Mothers Day. But I did get some great presents from my little family.

    Happy belated birthday Rob!

    Beth, your photos are stunning. Really, really impressed.

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