Mum turned 70!

May is a big month of celebrations for our family with so many fabulous Taureans to love and honour. We has perhaps the biggest of all with Mum’s 70th at the start last month. All of my family (brother and two sisters) and kids (except two that couldn’t make it) together for the first time in over 3 and a half years. It was such a special time to all be together for two nights with a long lunch on Saturday to celebrate our Queen.

We arrived Friday afternoon to the beach where even though it was cold, the sun was shining and we had no rain! Friday night was take away pizza, lots of Prosecco and champagne and lots of dancing for Grandma who gave it a good old nudge. The old girl still has it!

Saturday was our main celebration: a delicious lunch cooked by us all: we all pulled it together as we always do, we set the table and had such a special time as a family that we never take for granted.

There’s nothing like a family photo shoot is there? I took the opportunity of sunshine and family to make sure I captured the moment in time. I never regret pulling people over and taking the time to do this…always so special to have.

And yes, the dress code was blue and white (Mum’s favourite) which made for some pretty impressive Cambridge family tonality.

We ate like Kings & Queens (grazing platter, cutlets and seafood on the BBQ before beef, salad & potatoes) as we always do and enjoyed some special video messages for Mum from friends and family all over the country. Mum was amazed to sit and hear all the wonderful memories people had of her over their lifetimes. Daisy and Harper put together a beautiful video of all their memories of Grandma too…we were all crying our eyes out as we watched. It was so special.

We were also lucky enough to listen to Mum give a beautiful speech, it was a really intimate and heartfelt lunch that I hope Mum loved.

As the sun set we danced some more, sat by the fire, listened to music and serenaded Mum who we all adore.

Mum really is such a special person to so many people. She was just 20 years old when she had my sister and just 30 when she had her last (4th) baby just 10 years later. She has been the glue in our family teaching us about generosity of spirit, of making a house a home, of cooking and entertaining people you love with an open heart and home. She is funny, hardworking and determined and has been the most wonderful Mum you could have. She is adored by all her kids and their partners and grandkids and I hope she felt all of that over the course of this special weekend.

We love you Mum, happy 70th old girl. You are still SO young. How good is that?


  1. Oh Beth this is a beautiful tribute to your mum but also to your whole family. How lovely that you all were able to spend that very special memory making time together.
    Cheers Kate

  2. Trish symons says

    Very very special family – and I love how you all work together to ensure that this is sustained through the generations 💕💕

  3. Annie Maurer says

    Just beautiful! What a lovely family celebration. Your Mum is a girl after my own heart…….love me some blue and white!

  4. Margie Begg says

    Oh Beth what a beautiful celebration for your Mum & how blessed is she to have such a gorgeous family.
    I love her dress,do you no where she bought it?
    Did your Mum do her Nursing training?She looks like she could have been a nurse.I am 70 next year & did my training at the Adelaide Childrens Hospital in 1971 & have just retired after 50 years.


    • Thanks Margie…I think Mum got that from a local shop in Bowral called Ecolena…they have an online store too so maybe check that out and see if there is something similar x

  5. Margie Begg says

    Oh Beth,what a beautiful celebration for your Mum & how blessed to have her gorgeous family around her.

    I love your Mum’s dress,the dark one with the 3/4 length sleeves,can you tell me where she bought it?


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