A slow start to the year at the farm

No time we look forward to more as a family is when we head to the farm after Christmas to the start of the new year. This was the 17th time we have done it in fact, Rob and I counted them. 2004 the first when the house was being built just before our wedding in 2005. We missed one in 2008/9 when we were in Paris, but other than that, we have been there year in, year out. Slow days for us to rest from the exhaustion of the year and end of year social madness. Time to swim, eat and drink, laugh and just completely chill out. It’s summer and it can be hot, stormy, rainy and this year was a little of all of those.

In amongst the showers we had some sunshine though, the odd late night and I churned through a few books. It was as perfect as it ever is, albeit these past few years tinged with sadness remembering Rob’s Dad death on new Years eve 2019.

These are always my favourite days as a family.

Have you had a break over the new year? Or have you been stuck in Covid hell like so many? I hope you are doing ok, I feel the pressure to start work again and get on with things and I must say opening my laptop and emails this morning gave me heart palpitations and a tummy ache rather than feeling ready to take on a whole new year. Lucky I can keep things slow, for now.

Stay well and be kind to yourself ok? That was to me mostly.


  1. Looks very beautiful. What do they farm?

  2. Had a break from work which was much needed but spent 7 days in quarantine as close contact for our son whose girlfriend has Covid , it took 6.5 days to get his results back , can’t get any at home test kits or access any testing anyway , hubbie broke his toe and hurt his back so can hardly move. I want a refund on my annual leave ! Boo to the start of the year !

  3. I absolutely love seeing your photos – they bring such a sense of peace, calm and beauty. I look forward to them each day. What an absolutely stunning place. Take care and go gently. Marianne

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