Monday Meal Ideas: Meatless Monday

Good morning friends! There will be a pep in the step of LOTS of NSW parents today as all our kids are finally back at school. I will leave for work in the morning and when I get back, there will be NOTHING changed, or moved, or messed up. Can you even imagine?!  I can’t either. To get back into it all I think we will be trying to eat lots of extra veggies…I need to try and get some exercise into my day too. It’s just that time of year right? Baby steps Beth, baby steps.

Summer risotto
Veggies with crispy chickpeas and halloumi
Guilt gnocchi
Home made spinach & halloumi gozleme

How is your week ahead looking? We had an absolute cracker at work last week so I am looking for a slightly slower pace but at the same time starting to crank up for Christmas which is fast approaching in the retail world! We have a 12th birthday on Wednesday too…and I have a hair appointment at last! Oh! And a cleaner returning to my house. Gosh, it’s going to be a big one. Bring it ON.

Hope you guys have a great week, stay safe, Stay sane. Enjoy some peace at home today if you can get it. You did it. You bloody well did it. (I did not, my girls did and Rob did…I still worked and they dealt with the home schooling for which I am eternally grateful). x

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