Monday Meal Ideas: Winter soups

Good morning friends from the first Monday of term 3. A very unsure time for those of us in NSW as we go through an extended lockdown and surge of Covid cases. While we are in regional NSW and not currently in lock down, we are thinking of all of you who are, sending strength and love at this shit and scary time.

As we are back into a school term, but perhaps stuck at home, I thought I would share some soups for your lunch and dinner. A big pot can last a few days of meals, they fill up hungry tummies at the middle of the day and make you feel like you have your shit together as you sizzle and bubble and fill the house with great aromas. Whatever it takes at this point. Here are some of my favourites:

Tomato & risoni soup with pesto
Mushroom & pea soup for one
Bottom of the crisper vegetable soup
Zucchini & Parmesan soup

How is your week looking? Locked down? Back to the new term and work and routine? We have school back for Daisy this morning and then the other two tomorrow. Rob and I are up to the farm for a funeral On Wednesday and then back home….all depending on what happens with case numbers. It’s such a scary and uncertain time for so many, I hope that you are all doing OK.

Lots of good vibes to you all this week as you balance and juggle it all x


  1. Yes! Tomato and risoni soup! Picked up a packet today for a recipe id never made before and thought, what the heck am I going to do with the rest of that, bingo! Thanks bev!

    Fingers crossed you guys get to stay not-locked-down where you are!! Scary times!

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