Monday meal ideas: What I’m cooking this week

Good morning friends, hope you are ok. It’s the strangest time I have ever known, days filled with news and stress and worry and angst. I have been waking at 4am every day, I toss and then remember what is happening with the world and then think, I’ll just check my phone and then I am DONE for the day. For us in NSW I think some big changes will come today, so I am anxiously waiting on those. Whatever the changes, we will still be able to head to the shops to get food, despite the lock down so I have been able to get our normal amounts of fresh food and staples.

Here is what we will be eating this week. Pure comfort and favourites for the family. Little to no meat lots of greens to keep me happy that we are getting some goodness into us.

Spinach & Ricotta cannelloni
Corn Fritters
Pork & Chive dumplings
Ricotta gnocchi with tomato sauce

For us today I will be sending the two little ones to school so they can find out what lies ahead for them. Daisy has her first day online, uniform on and roll call at 8.40 with her lessons all per her normal day, her normal guitar lessons all done online remotely with her teacher. What a world we live in that this is even a possibility. I’m nervous about trying to work (which I am SO grateful for) and juggling the little ones when and if they are home. So many changes and sacrifices for us all. I hope you are doing OK, I found the weekend quite difficult and overwhelming with LOTS of tears, and I know many of you would have to. Be kind to yourselves, go easy, get offline as much as possible and be kind. It’s going to be ok, we will get through all this if we stay safe, at home and use common sense.

Lots of extra love from me to you this Monday morning x


  1. Love your work Beth! I am living in extra-surreal world because I have my first day of maternity leave today and I’m constantly thinking about my workplace (school) and all that will be happening there today. I decided yesterday that I needed some boundaries around checking my phone for news because otherwise I’m going to lose my mind. I’m not going to stop myself from looking but I’m also going to do a lot more reading of lovely books so I am less likely to check out of boredom/habit. Hoping the online learning works well and that your younger girls have a safe and happy day at school!

  2. Oh Beth, I am crying along with you my dear. Stay strong and hug that family tight. We will be here on the other side waiting for you. xo

  3. The corn fritter post you wrote years ago is still so, so good!

  4. thanks beth hard for everyone indeed!
    mr m is Austrian and they have managed their numbers because strict rules apply and they adhere to them.
    much love mxx

  5. Just think of yourselves as part of the School of the Air. You’ll get through 🙂

  6. Sitting at my art desk now work desk, enjoying a bowl of vegetable soup and reading babymac, some things endure no matter what craziness is going on out there in the world.

    Thank you for keeping us all company Beth.

    We will get through this.

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