Long Lunch 2022

This is the first of these exclusive long lunches I have seen my brother, sister and cousins be a part of each year. I think they started them 4 or 5 years ago now, each year they choose an amazing restaurant, go our for a long lunch and celebrate life just because. It’s like everyone’s birthday all rolled into one – the very best kind of days. They have done Icebergs, Catalinas, Berowra Waters Inn…you get the idea of how good they are.

About 6 months ago now I was sent an invitation to a Whats App group titled Long Lunch 2022 and my heart skipped a beat. Could it be? Was I welcomed into the inner circle?! I think I wore then done with my complaints and thought it would be easier to just ask me to join them rather than listen to me anymore, so Rob and I are invited this year. As well as my other original member cousin who invited her brother to join them. The 6 became 9 and the plan was formed to have a long lunch at Berts as well as a TWO NIGHT STAY SANS KIDS at my brother and sister in law’s gorgeous new house in Scotland Island in Sydney’s Pittwater.

This weekend was a beacon of hope every time we went into lockdown, were busy with work, were worn down with kids…there’s nothing better than a good weekend to look forward to is there? The many moving parts that were involved saw little kids dropped off to Grandma (thanks Susie Q), the big kids put on a train to Sydney, the dogs dropped at the kennel in Duffys Forest before arriving with many (many) bottles of wine on a dreary and rainy Friday lunch time in paradise at my brothers place aka actual heaven. NO kids you guys. No one to worry about except ourselves.

I mean can you even imagine how happy we were? My brother went about preparing our dinner for later that night as well as some pork for Saturday night when we got home from lunch (because we are pigs of course). I sat on the couch and read. We lit the fire, we poured the champagne, we listened to great playlists and we had time to talk without being interrupted. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

As the afternoon went on our extra guests arrived and settled into more wine, cheese and the most delicious dinner ever of beef cheeks and cauliflower mash. It was JOY giving.

Saturday morning we awoke to some sunshine (a few sore heads) but the luxury of time to sit around and laugh and chat about everything and nothing, a little kayaking or walking (in my case sitting flicking through magazines) before we all got frocked up for the main event: Lunch at Berts.

I was in gorgeousness OVERLOAD when we arrived at the restaurant and couldn’t quite take in the level of beauty everywhere you looked. And subsequently did not take many photos of the surrounds. The people watching! The hot lamps! The superior sage green interiors! The staff! It was all a lot and lovely and I was here for all of it.

The food was magnificent. We ordered pretty much everything on the menu, washed down with delicious cold wine and great service. As I could have stood up on the table and sung “LOOK AROUND, HOW LUCKY WE ARE TO BE ALIBE RIGHT NOW!” it was these moments that you remember and hold dear to your heart, sitting around a table with family enjoying each other and life and food…it was just the BEST.

From lunch we headed down to the water taxi and headed back into comfy clothes (OMG were we actually in Summer House come to think of it?) to sit by the fire, listen to music and have the funniest night of laughter, chats, delicious pork rolls before rolling into bed sometime around 1am. What a day!

We spent Sunday hanging in the sunshine and noosing our hangovers before jumping on the boat and heading home…it was over before it began but all our hearts were filled with happiness. There was nothing like hanging out with family like we did when we were kids and teenagers…we reverted back to our stupid silly selves talking shit and being dumb and not adults as we had no kids with us. It was just the best! A huge thanks to the original gang for letting us in and for my brother and sister in law for hosting us in such a special way. I will never forget this weekend, not ever.

And I really hope we get invited back next year.

I also had a highlight reel for the weekend on Instagram you can check out here along with links to menus, recipes, playlists and just some dumb stuff too.


  1. Ohh, I love the Hamilton reference….I’m going to remember that one and actually do it one day . Loved watching all this happen on insta.

  2. What a magical weekend, albeit I am sure expensive. Sometimes you have to spend and you have such a good time, the money is forgotten.

  3. Jojo Rochow says

    What a beautiful idea and the perfect way to see the consistent people in your life. Your siblings and cousins, they definitely know you and your secrets. Thank you for the idea to do this with my sister and my cousin/sisters.

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