Christmas 2021

We have had a roving week of never ending feasts, drinks and catch ups with everyone in the family (missing our Melbourne family) and seeing Sue at the farm tomorrow…but it’s been a LOT. A messy, wonderful, exhausting time of being fortunate enough to see people we love and be together. After the year of 2021, it couldn’t have been more special. And never taken for granted!

We started last weekend at our place with my brother and his family, Lucy and hers and Mum and mu step dad for a lovely lunch and sleepover. I think it had been a full year since we had all been together – how I wish my sister had been there with her kids…maybe next year! Bev went all out with such a pretty table – my friend Annie came through with the goods with her amazing hydrangeas. We ate seafood, ham and salads and drank many a good glass of wine. Followed by a hot summery storm, it was a great day.

Then we had a mid week Christmas up in Sydney with Rob’s family which was lovely to spend time with his brother, kids and Mum.

Then of course we hosted another soirée with our friends on Wednesday night

And then Christmas Eve…

Before a gorgeous Christmas Day at Lucy and Chris’ place. What should have been a casual lunch turned into a feast with endless excellent wine, beautiful food and a gorgeous table to sit and watch the kids enjoy their toys as the afternoon storms rolled by.

It’s been such a great week but boy am I ever ready for some downtime. We are headed to the farm and then the beach and I plan on reading and chilling out as much as I can – even though the weather looks like it’s going to be terrible. I hope that in these tricky Covid times that you were able to see some loved ones face to face, and if you were unlucky enough to be unwell or in isolation, I hope that you are doing ok. It’s been such a tough year and this ending is less than ideal. I know how lucky we are and have been this week.

Stay safe and well and sane in the next little while friends x

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  1. Elisha Love says

    Merry Christmas Beth! Such special memories created at this time of the year.
    I was wondering if you could tell me where you bought your fairy lights from that are hanging over your arch window. Are they a single strand or many strands grouped together?

  2. What beautiful Christmas celebrations, thank you for sharing. 🎄💗

  3. Love comes through in your wonderful images! And the food. Despite been in food coma since yesterday I am suddenly hungry again. Enjoy your break, Beth.

  4. Gosh this all looks so lovely! I love the way your family does celebrations!

  5. What a beautiful Christmas. Would you do a “what my sister and I are wearing” post? I LOVE her style whenever she’s in your posts. I would love to hear about some of her favourite pieces and where she gets them.

  6. Rebecca Simunic says

    Merry Christmas! Beautiful photos! Any chance of sharing the beef wellington recipe?

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