Monday Meal Ideas: Throw it into one pan

Good morning friends! How are you? Hope you are ready for another new week ahead…they seem to be flying past when time was so slow just a few weeks ago. We have a week ahead filled with work and visitors and kids being here, there and everywhere…it’s going to be a busy one I think. Thought I would share some of my favourite one pan wonders…the kind that mean there is only one pan to clean up…my favourite kind of dinner and clean up! They will be getting a run this week for sure.

Ottolenghi one pan lasagne
Salmon, potato & spinach
Chorizo chicken
Asian chicken & rice

How is your week ahead looking? I hope that you have a great one whatever it is you are doing…I am aiming for some more blog posts this week…it’s impossible to find to time at the moment but I am going to make a promise to carve it up. So I will see you around ok? Have a good one x

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