Monday meal ideas: lunch

You know what I’m guilty of during the week? Laziness. LUNCH LAZINESS. When I’m home (which I often am Mon-Wed when Harps is at Preschool) I should prepare something quick and wholesome. But I usually make a vegemite sandwich. Not this week! Who is with me to make something tasty and filling that we can roll early and will see us through to dinner time?

Come on then, let’s do it. Here’s 5 ideas to start us off with this week:

PicMonkey Collage

Mushrooms on toast
Corn fritters with bacon
Panko crumbed tofu with soy, chilli & coriander
Chilli tuna dip with dukkah
Homemade gozleme

I hope that someone out there is lucky enough to get at least one long lunch in the sunshine that involves a crisp white wine! Happy cooking x


  1. Bev,
    You are just too funny…loved your lunch ideas, especially the mushrooms on sourdough bread…I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and we seem like kindred spirits. If you ever fancy a visit to the USA I’ve love to have you stay with me on lovely Lake Minnetonka, playing in the kitchen and experimenting with food and spirits.

  2. I’m trying to be healthy at the moment and my latest quick lunch (which I usually make up and lasts a couple of days) is this – open a can of mixed beans (I can buy really nice Egyptian or Lebanese ones here), open a can of diced beetroot, small can of corn kernels. Toss all together. Squeeze of lemon, finely sliced onion, maybe a touch of finely diced chilli. A splash of good olive oil. some rocket. Done. Healthy, easy, quick, delicious and very filling.

    Had corn fritters for dinner last night and they’re always a winner.

  3. Good ideas, I love a wholemeal wrap spread with hommus & filled with heaps of salad – grated carrot, cheese, cherry tomatoes, beetroot etc. Tasty & healthy or my other fav is brown rice tuna salad with corn, tomatoes, cucumber & squeeze of lemon…delish!

  4. I’m boring and slack when it comes to lunch, today was leftover BBQ chook, corn and cheese toasted sanga. Nothing original or glam, but it filled the void.

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am the same a lazy lunch woman I usually have a cup of soup or some oatmeal ,I will try and be good but you know how it is x

  6. I am so bloddy lazy!! I am lucky to actually have lunch and I know that’s very very wrong.. But I did have some yummy left over spaghetti today……

  7. I was diagnosed with PCOS last week and part of managing that is through diet. This week I’m cutting back on the things I know don’t agree with me (hello gluten and dairy) and making small changes – so far so good! I had tuna, brown rice and veggies for lunch yesterday and chicken/prawn cold rolls for lunch today. Lucky for me I’ve got the amazing Adelaide Central Market a mere 2 minute walk from my work.

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