Monday Meal Ideas: Salads that make the main event

Now that it’s November, wait WHAT? It’s very confusing isn’t it? I know I am confused about the entire thing. Halloween is over and all of a sudden it’s Christmas and wasn’t it just March…see? So I will just say this: it’s been getting a little warmer, whenever it gets warmer I like to make salads and sometimes I like the make salads that are good enough to be the main event in a meal. Here are some of my faves that I make that can do with a little protein on the side (like some salmon, a little pork belly) but mostly it’s about the tasty, leafy greens and there’s nothing better when it’s warmer than to eat like this (especially outside).

Pork belly salad
Potato salad with bacon
Quinoa & herb Salad
Pea, mint & fetta salad

How is your week ahead looking? We have had a very busy weekend in the shop so will be busy catching up on your orders this morning, reordering and getting sorted for the busiest time of the year for us. I am home all week, no plans to go anywhere or do anything other than work and kids so it’s a head down, bum up type thing.

Hope that you all have a great one friends, stay cool or stay warm (I think we have a top of 14 tomorrow?!) may your kids sleep well, be happy and keen to go to school and may we all pay ourselves on the back at some stage because we’re all doing ok I reckon. Have a great one friends x

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