Monday meal ideas: the same old stuff

I counted this morning, there are 5 weeks of school left. At it’s not really a good sign that I am starting to fade at the rate that I am. Goodness ME, a school year can go a long time can’t it? So many mid week dinners, so much complaining, so many meals presented, so many upturned noses.

Fear not, in between your usual family favourites, chuck in just ONE of these to mix it up a little. We are almost there friends, dig deep.

PicMonkey Collage

Chorizo & potato chicken one pot wonder
Vegetable frittata
Salmon one pot wonder
Beef stew with ricotta gnocchi


  1. Crazy week. Mid week house guest. Chorizo & potato chicken one pot wonder. Done!! Thanks Beth

  2. I’ve got about four dozen eggs to use up. Frittata it is!

  3. Here I am with a unwell babe asleep on my chest trying to compile the grocery list for the next few nights worth of dinners. One pot wonders, score! I’ve been looking for a simple salmon recipe and boom! Here one is. Oh and the chicken and chorizo, yum yum pigs bum!

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Don’t you get sick of cooking dinner? I do,thank you Beth I will give some of these a go xx

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