Lunch: crumbed tofu with soy, chilli & coriander

A sponsored post for Woolworths Macro Vegetarian

Whenever I am trying to eat a little healthier I try to get creative at lunch time. If I have something substantial enough, my stomach is filled and my mind not distracted until dinner time. Sometimes it’s a salad, other times veggies and most of the time – something asian which is fast, tasty, healthy and easy to make – needless to say lunch is usually vegetarian which is a good chance to get some greens into me. My theory is that if you go to a bit more effort for your lunch, then you will enjoy eating it and actually take some time to sit down and enjoy lunch as a meal – rather than the usual leftover crusts from my 4 year olds lunch plate eaten on the go.

While I do eat meat free some days, I rarely eat traditional vegetarian “things” like tofu for example. I save that for the vegos! But I do know that it’s good for me, and if I can cook it in a way that I would want to eat it, then I can convince Rob and the girls to have a go too. I fell in love with Panko bread crumbs last year and I also love eating tofu cooked simply with coriander, chilli and soy – so I figured combining them would create a taste sensation and an easy vegetarian lunch that you can whip up in under 15 minutes.

Panko crumbed tofu with soy, chilli & coriander

1 packet Macro vegetarian firm tofu
1 egg
Panko bread crumbs
Half bunch coriander
1 red chilli
Soy sauce

T1 T2

Take the tofu from the packet and drain all the liquid. Pat it dry with paper towel to try to get it as dry as you can.

T3 T4

Cut the tofu into 1cm thick pieces. Whisk up one egg and place panko bread crumbs onto a plate for crumbing.

T5 T6 T7

Place the tofu into the egg wash and then into the bread crumbs.

T8 T9

Heat some oil up into a fry pan and cook for a few minutes until golden brown. You could also bake this in the oven (turning once or twice) if you didn’t want to fry them off. Drain them off on paper towel.

T10 T11

To serve place two pieces in the bottom of a shallow boy, top with chilli and coriander and drizzle some soy sauce over it’s back.

T12 T14 T15

Woolworths Macro have an extensive range of vegetarian options – from tofu to vegetarian burgers.

What’s your instant tasty vegetarian go-to meal?
Do you use tofu much?


  1. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    OMG! This. Looks. So. Good xo

  2. That looks amazing – I’m always a little scared of tofu – but something like this could get me interested.

  3. SHUT YOUR FACE BEVERLY!!! Amazing. So making this when I’m allowed to eat again after bloody forking Michelle Bridges and her three shreds of chicken on my salad crap. (actually really enjoying it I just think it’s fun to yell Michelle)

  4. GET IN MY BELLY! Asian vegetarian is my favourite. We’re having it for dinner twice this week, haha

  5. was thinking of the block of tofu in the fridge and how sick i am of stir frying it. Timely!

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yum I actually like Tofu and have done for years and I tried the Panko breadcrumbs I will never use anything else now!
    Thanks for the Birthday wishes on FB hon Btw xx

  7. It’s funny, tofu and I can’t seem to get acquainted with one another and I have been super strict vego for 33 of my 42 years. I think the texture reminds me of chicken and so I avoid anything that looks like a “meat” substitute. Still love all of my nuts, legumes etc though. I’m addicted to veggie based smoothies for breakfast atm. Even the kids love them. Quick lunch in winter is baked beans on toast, or a big bowl of lentil or bean soup…which lasts me quite a few lunches/dinners. In summer I tend to make up a big batch of chickpea and kumara patties and chuck them in with my veggies/salads. I really love the woollies Macro range…the curried vegetable patties are very tasty.

  8. Um, YUMMMM! We don’t eat vego all that often, but this is one recipe I reckon we would love (served with a side of wine, right?!)

  9. lakesidebetty says

    just had the best laugh of the week. “To serve place two pieces in the bottom of a shallow boy.” Thank you.

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