Monday meal ideas: mid week comfort

Sometimes you just need to trot out the old favourites that you KNOW will be eaten and enjoyed by every member of the family. You know you can cook these with your eyes closed, and you know that they provide tasty leftovers for your lunch the following day. These aren’t healthy, they aren’t life changing, they aren’t going to challenge your palette, but they ARE very good.

PicMonkey Collage

Chicken Schnitzel
Chicken cacciatore
Sausage pasta

I hope this week is an uneventful one for you all. Filled with fulfilling work, pleasant, well sleeping children and plenty of ‘you’ time. Snort. We can dream…


  1. Loving your recipes Beth! Thanks for the inspiration boost.

    The other week I had a crack at your slow cooked pork belly on apple- easy & sooooo goood! Was totally in my happy place:) , last week the quesadillas so quick n fuss free & popular with mr 4 & hubby too, & this week I reckon I’ll go the schnitty- good schnitzel is pretty hard to beat really:)

  2. Hahaha love reading your blog, keep up the great work

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    So true Beth ,the tried and loved recipes are the best I think.I hope you get sleep this week and you time Xx

  4. Lasagna is on the menu tonight in our house because I know my 6 year old will devour it!

  5. Schnitzels, thanks for reminder, my girls love them, just cooked with mash and greens and the next day in a sandwich with lettuce and mayo. Yummo, I’m going to be popular again!

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