Monday Meal Ideas: Adding some fish to our table

One thing that I know I should cook more of, is fish. Daisy is not a fan (which I can understand) but the rest of the family will happily sit down and enjoy some fish for dinner. I usually stick with salmon: it's easy, accessible and affordable and I know how to cook it, but this week I need to … [Read more...]

An ode to Anne…

Now if you have been following me for any amount of time (long or short) you will know the importance of ANNE in our lives. Anne is the name of the chocolate cake that has been famous in our family since the 80's when the author of the recipe Mrs Anne R placed a recipe for a humble chocolate cake in … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Comfort food for mid winter

Oh it is a dreary day here today. Pouring rain all night long with an east coast low sitting over the top of us and  constant rain beating against the windows. Always lovely for a day...a little too much when it's over 24 hours without a break and flooding starts to occur..and then the septic goes … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Mid week meals my family love

Good morning from a chilly Southern Highlands morning (feels like -2.5 out there and blowing a gale). We are back into the swing of things having done 2 weeks school holidays. Apologies for the lack of posting...I was having too good a time with the kids, being away...full debrief to come on that … [Read more...]

On repeat this winter: roasted pumpkin

As soon as the travel restrictions were eased Rob hightailed it up to the farm to see his step mum and spend some time with her for the first time in months. He came home with an enormous pumpkin which looked fabulous of course but had me thinking about all the different ways I could use it up. It … [Read more...]

Monday Meal ideas: baking with lemons & apples

I noticed last week how much Lucy's lemon trees are groaning with fruit on them. It calls for one thing! BAKING. Today I am going to grab my basket and get baking this week. It's cold, Daisy has started school holidays and it just calls for cakes and comfort and goodness that comes in the form of … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: meatless Monday Inspo

Good morning from a freezing cold week 9 of term 2 where things are a little sluggish. My goodness I actually hit snooze two times this morning and that NEVER happens! After a fabulous long weekend with my mates up at the beach where it was warm and the demands from anyone were VERY low I am feeling … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: The warmth of chilli in winter

Ah Monday morning, how quickly you come around each week - this past weekend in particular went by SO fast didn't it? It's a bit fresh around these parts at the moment (aka FREEZING) but halfway through June what do you expect? I might be throwing some chilli into our meals this week for lunch and … [Read more...]

Crumbly Jam Slice

I cannot stop making this slice, which I have to say is not a good thing. I mean, it's a GREAT thing because it's SO easy to make, so yum, and moreish that the girls and I keep asking it for again and again, however the tight pants from this buttery sugary delight may say something … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Biscuits & Slices

Well hello friends at the start of another week, they sure come round fast don't they? I baked a little slice yesterday afternoon (I'll get that recipe on the blog this week) and marvelled at the joy of a good slice. Crumbly, tasty little morsels that are perfect with a cup of team, for a lunch box … [Read more...]

Simple side bread: Roti Canai

My brother in law (the ex-chef) makes this bread when they have curries and it is truly MAGNIFICENT. Almost like a layered flat croissant or something it is oily and flakey and delicious. I had a crack at these last night (but did them very quickly so am sure that this is NOTHING like how they … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: warm you from the inside out

It's a bitterly cold and wet Monday morning here, all three girls are going to SCHOOL THAT'S NOT AT HOME. The first time all 3 will be gone at the same time since the middle of March....over 2 months! While it's not going to be much fun for them out there in the world, I will make sure we have … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Family faves

Good morning friends, hope you are ready to take on another week ahead. We had such a busy week last week socially with Mother's Day and then two birthdays I am feeling ready for a much quieter pace. Man we are really out of form these days with isolation aren't we? This week will be about a slower … [Read more...]

Potato scallops/cakes/fritters at home!

Being from NSW we call them scallops, but depending on which state you live in, you might know them as potato cakes, fritters...whatever or however you call them we ALL know they are DELICIOUS. There isn't anything that says Australian summer by the beach more than a crispy fried potato scallop … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Delicious comforting pastas

I don't know about you guys, but as soon as it gets cold all I want to do is eat. Carbs preferably. And if there is cheese involved, that's an added bonus. What better than to combine them all into one big bowl of comfort in the form of pasta? I know I will be trotting out a few this week as we have … [Read more...]

Staying Connected with Mum this Mother’s Day

A sponsored post for Woolworths One of the hardest parts of isolation for many of us, has been being away from our family. While in some parts of the country, we are able to slowly start to reconnect, for so many around the country and the world we have been separated from our friends and family … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Warming & nourishing soups

Over the weekend the weather turned COLD. Freezing in fact, with the most ferocious and icy gale blowing for two days straight. It was the kind of weather you can't wash in, walk in, do ANYTHING in except for sitting inside with the fire AND central heating on wearing all your warmest … [Read more...]

Two dinners (or more) in one cook: Joda’s Ribs

One thing my family are obsessed with, it's food. It's our love language. We love to cook, we love to eat together and we love to share what's good. One thing that happens during this isolation business is when we catch up on House Party we inevitably ask eachother "what are you having for dinner" … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: The humble sausage & chorizo

The quality of sausages over the years has vastly improved and now even the supermarket has a huge range of sausages that are available to us. No longer is it just about a banger - there are spices, taste combos that our grandmothers wouldn't believe. I always cook with sausages as they are cost … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Ideas: Chicken

A few weeks ago I got a email from my Step dad who had gone through their freezer and was looking for recipe ideas for what they had. They had mince, sausages, beef and of course that classic: CHICKEN. Whether it's mince, thighs or breast of course I was able to help him out with some ideas...that's … [Read more...]