Monday Meal Ideas: Chicken

A few weeks ago I got a email from my Step dad who had gone through their freezer and was looking for recipe ideas for what they had. They had mince, sausages, beef and of course that classic: CHICKEN. Whether it’s mince, thighs or breast of course I was able to help him out with some ideas…that’s my speciality!

Here are some of our family favourites for the week ahead that are perfect comfort food un this time of isolation.

Lemon Chicken
Hoisin Chicken
Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken Fried Rice 

How are you all going? We have another week of school holidays THANK GOODNESS and I am determined to keep the pace SLOW and lots of pj’s days and packing down before we have to get back into our new normal routine of home school. So for now it’s lots more baking and comfort cooking, puzzles and movies before it all ramps up this time next week. For those of you in QLD back to school this week good luck and for those in VIC who are heading into week two, may the force be with you!

Have a good one friends x

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