Recipe Roulette: Sesame Hoisin Chicken

Somehow along the way (as you do) I got back into my old comfortable ways and stopped opening my cooking books (of which I have PLENTY) and relied on the old favourites to see us through week in, week out. So I decided it was time for another Recipe Roulette! The idea being to grab a book from your shelf, any shelf, open at any page and go and cook it for dinner.

My cook books have now extended from the kitchen shelves to the main living room, so I grabbed the first one I saw which happened to be Julie Goodwin’s new book: 20|20 which I had sent to me by the publishers at Hachette. I have been lucky enough to meet Julie before (in the studio at channel 9 before I started to fold my fitted sheets) and she is as lovely and down to earth as you would expect her to be. Her cooking style suits me to tee – no fuss, easy to follow and in this book – quick and cheap. Creating recipes for $20 in 20 minutes. Perfect!


I opened it up at a random page and came to Sesame Hoisin Chicken which I rolled for a boring Monday night.


Julie Goodwin’s Sesame Hoisin Chicken

2 cups jasmine rice
1 g chicken thigh fillets
2 tablespoons peanut oil
1/2 cup hoisin sauce
1/4 cup white vinegar
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 bunches pak choy
3 fat shallots
2 tablespoons sesame seeds
1/4 cup water

1. Firstly I added the hoisin, vinegar and soy sauce into a measuring jug and set aside. Get the rice cooking in which ever way you do.

IMG_4299 IMG_4304

2. Then I chopped the chicken thighs into 3 cm pieces, heated a fry pan with a tablespoon oil and browned off the chicken


3. While that’s cooking wash the pak choy to remove any grit and dice the shallots


4. Once the chicken is browned add in the sauce mixture and let it simmer away (if you have a lid add it on as per the recipe instructions but I didn’t have one so didn’t!)

IMG_4320 IMG_4321 IMG_4324

5. Heat another wok or fry pan and add in the sesame seeds to toast in the dry pan (it doesn’t take long) then remove them and set aside


6. Add in the extra oil, the pak choy and shallots, the water and let cook off  for a few minutes


7.  To serve up  add the greens onto the rice and then the chicken and sauce on top and sprinkle with the toasted sesame seeds

IMG_4331 IMG_4332

Everyone loved this and all came back for seconds (and maybe even the odd third by Rob). Delicious! And you can see that I could never be a food stylist with that stray rice and dribble of sauce…


[gmc_recipe 11021]

So go on…while all inspiration is missing this time of year, go and open a cook book (any cook book) on any page and g for it! I know this one will be made again…

What’s your standard mid week fare?
Anyone keen to play along?
Anyone else rather poke their eyes out then cook bloody dinner AGAIN? Me too!


  1. Thanks Beth. That’s tonights dinner sorted!

  2. Looks great! I’m off to buy that book today, I keep hearing great things about it!!

  3. thanks beth! that looks delicious and not too much work!!!
    a good challenge and idea! cheers m:)X

  4. I reckon I could give that a crack. nice.

  5. Yum, I’m up for that. x

  6. Looks yum, I have asked Santa for this book. Dinner tonight me thinks.

  7. I met Julie when she was a guest at a workshop I attended in June and she sat next to me at morning tea! She is so lovely and mentioned her book. I have been waiting for it to come out, so that is my job for the day. That chicken looks yumm.

  8. Anneliese Bennett says

    That look delish….on my recipe list for this week.. Think me needs to get that book! Wonder if I will find it here in Qatar!!!

  9. Right up my alley! This is going into rotation! Will have to try some other greens as we don’t tend to get the Chinese ones here unfortunately. x

  10. Just scoffed this down. Husband had 2nd’s. Delicious and so easy. Thanks heaps!!

  11. Hi Beth,
    Just wanted to let you know i cooked this last night and it was a hit! Thanks so much, so easy and delicious!

  12. Perfect, going to give this a try with tofu xx

  13. Yum, going to try this one. I’m off to buy this cookbook….. I love Julie 🙂

  14. I had a pound of chicken thighs in the freezer….so I made this tonight. Delish! The only thing I changed was the sesame seeds….they were $5.74 US at Wally’s for a 2 oz bottle! I had some honey roasted peanuts I chopped up and some cilantro for a topping. Really good and will definitely be making this again. Thanks.

  15. Husby just cooked me this for dinner … absolutely delicious !! And he loved it too which means I’ll get it again 🙂 thank you !

  16. Thanks for the recipe. Twas delicious. 🙂

  17. Just made this again but I was out of Hoisin sauce and sesame seeds so so used some Oyster sauce and toasted almonds and it came out delicious!

  18. Well that was easy and scrumptious. Thanks Beth!


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