Monday meal ideas: mid week chicken

If there’s one thing that’s always in my trolley each week, it’s chicken. It’s cheap, versatile and can be added with so many different kinds of salads that it makes an appearance on our menu at least once, every week. Here are some quick ideas for chicken dishes that will work with different salads, that’s the main way I like to eat it, chicken & salad, hold the carbs and load the greens!

PicMonkey Collage

Sesame hoisin chicken
Chicken pot pies
Chicken schnitzel
Created with Jamie (various chicken flavours)

Hope your week is a good one friends…filled with productive days, happy children willing to go to school, sleeping babies, talkative and polite teenagers, considerate and romantic partners and plenty of you time.

We can dream right?


  1. Where is this utopia you speak of? I’m moving!

  2. Love these chicken recipes! Especially the Sesame Hoisin Chicken, looks very yummy.:)

  3. Hoisin chicken is now on regular rotation in our place now. Delish!

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