Family Favourite: Chicken fried rice

Yesterday afternoon at school pick up there had been a harvest from the veggie garden that all the kids had been growing and it was a BUMPER crop. A full container of herbs, lettuces, chard, kale, you name a leafy green and it was there. As well as some pumpkin…all waiting for the parents to pick up and take home with them. Talk about inspiration for dinner!

I had some chicken mince in the fridge that needed using so decided on making  big batch of chicken fried rice packed with ALL the greens I could find that I knew the kids would eat. They devour rice whenever we have Thai or Chinese and this home made version is even better I think. We eat it alone but you could have it as a side for something else to shine with for sure.

I whacked this recipe up on my Instagram stories (where you will always find the odd food hack or recipe or just my daily cooking) and even though it has been put into the Highlights, I was asked to whack it onto the blog so it’s easy to find. It’s one of those recipes though that you can adapt and change to whatever your family will eat. Add in this or that, take out that, add extra spices accordingly…it’s not very specific in its style…but you get the general idea

Chicken Fried Rice

1 packet chicken mince (500 grams)
2-3 garlic cloves
Knob ginger grated
Dash or two Soy sauce
Dash or two sweet chilli sauce
Dash oyster sauce
4-6 rashers streaky bacon
3 eggs
1/2 bunch shallots
1-2 bunches broccolini
As many leafy greens as you can manage to hide in there
Cup frozen peas
Rice (I use pre-cooked brown rice but use whatever method and style you like!)

1. Fry off the chicken mince in a little olive oil, garlic and ginger until cooked through and then add in the soy, sweet chilli and oyster sauce and cook for a minute or so then transfer into a bowl and set aside

2. Finely chop the streaky bacon and fry off until crispy and then transfer with the chicken and set aside

3. Whisk 3 eggs and cook like an omelette (season with a little pepper) then transfer and set aside. When it’s cooled I roll it and slice into ribbons

4. Now I add in a little extra olive oil and cook off all the greens: shallots, broccolini, kale, rainbow chard etc etc

5. Add in the frozen peas and cook for a minute or so (the heat will cook the peas)

6. Then I reheat the rice in the microwave and add it into the green mix, then add in the eggs, bacon, chicken and perhaps a little extra dah or so of soy sauce

My girls ate two bowls each of this, and there is no way that they would have eaten any of the rainbow chard or kale if I had served it any other way: that’ll do pig. I think the fact that they grew it too had something to do with it.

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Delicious, nutritious and reasonably quick and easy:my kind of cooking.

What’s your go-to way to sneak greens into your kids?
Do your kids love fried rice too?
I remember my grandma making it for us in the electric frypan as a kid and thinking it was SO fancy!


  1. Made this tonight although made a few minor changes (frozen peas and corn combo, added a dash of Worcestershire sauce, just scrambled the eggs) and deeeeeelish! Thanks Beth!

  2. dirtgirl says

    Beth, this was a great easy, but very tasty recipe. I was able to use up lots of bits and bobs in the fridge including 2 baby cos that were destined for the chicken run if I didn’t hurry up and use them and I will definitely be using this recipe again soon. Thank you for sharing and I do hope you managed to rest up this past week.

  3. Perfect! Thanks for the tip about the microwave rice – delicious!

  4. Hi,

    Do you think this would freeze well ?

  5. Megan Sweeney says

    Fried rice is a great easy and super quick meal. I use frosen mixed veg (’cause i always have them in the freezer for the dogs…another story!) For the rice, i always make extra rice (in the rice cooker ’cause i can’t do rice on the stove for shit!) when i make a curry for dinner so i have left overs, on purpose, for a quick dinner later in the week.

  6. Omg amazing!! This was the easiest meal to prepare. Tripled the quantities and fed my big family of 10.

    Thanks Beth

  7. Sophie Robbie says

    Hi Beth, I made this last night for the first time. Delicious!!! And it got the approval from my fussy daughter. Thanks for such a great recipe. But, it gets better! Today I used the leftovers to make spring rolls in my new air fryer. OMG! Amazing. I should have taken a photo but they were just too good to wait! Thanks again, Sophie x

  8. Jo Angelucci says

    Absolutely loved this dish! So tasty and healthy. It was a hit with my hubby and two toddlers 🙂

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