Monday meal ideas: Mid week meals my family love

Good morning from a chilly Southern Highlands morning (feels like -2.5 out there and blowing a gale). We are back into the swing of things having done 2 weeks school holidays. Apologies for the lack of posting…I was having too good a time with the kids, being away…full debrief to come on that tomorrow. But right now I am struggling a bit as it’s the first time the alarm has gone off in 2 weeks, Daisy is back into school and the other girls tomorrow. I am going to make the most of a non school day and sneak in as much down time as I can before it’s all back tomorrow. I hope you guys down in VIC are doing ok? I know it must be SO hard to be back to home schooling today, mentally, physically, I am really feeling for you all so much and sending love.

Here are some of ideas for your meal planning ahead…lots of our family faves that I know the kids love and that I love to cook because they are easy…a chance for us all to get back into things slowly.

Fish burgers
Chicken fried rice
Lamb and roasted sweet potato wraps
Spinach & ricotta cannelloni

I hope that the week ahead to you is kind and that you manage (if possible) to get a little time to yourself. I am looking forward to the girls being back at school, back into a routine and hopefully getting a little time for me to focus back on work and exercise. Who knows what is going to happen with cases here in NSW in the next week or so. Stay safe, stay well, stay sane and be kind to yourself and others in this tricky time. Have a good one friends x

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