Monday Meal Ideas: Simple, delicious food packed with flavour

If I had too explain my style of cooking, I think this would be it: something simple, filled with flavour and herbs and the end result is just plain yum. In fact, most times I cook I find myself saying: this is TASTY, even if I have made it. Here are some of my faves, I have realised that lots of the recipes contain herbs which will instantly lift ANY meal you are making. Just add in bunches of fresh herbs and you will get a punch of flavour.

Smoked Salmon pasta
Lamb & salad wraps
Potato salad
Pork belly salad

How’s your week ahead looking? We are busy as ever (as usual) but now only have 2 weeks of the school term left…yay! I also have a spring in my step as Rob and I are heading away for the weekend sans kids with Lucy & Chris for our wedding anniversaries. We share the same date (a few years apart) and we celebrate our 14th anniversary on Tuesday night. Cannot WAIT to escape two nights and have some time away being a grown up.

Hope you all have a great week friends, may the washing get dry and put away, your babies sleep, your toddlers tantrums be short and your dinner times easy and eaten. We live in constant hope! x

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