Smoked Salmon Pasta

I don’t eat seafood as much as I should AT all, but one way I have been doing it a little more (for all of us in the family to enjoy) is to make pasta with seafood in it. Either prawns, tuna, crab or salmon – whatever you can find or whatever everyone likes use this same formula and you will have something delicious to eat.

There is a restaurant down here in the Highlands that makes THE most delicious crab linguine with chilli, and lemon zest and lots of herbs that I have tried to recreate at home. This is nowhere near as good, but it certainly makes do when you want a punch of flavour and seafood. I could basically eat this forever and ever – and like I said swap with salmon or tuna, prawns – whatever takes your fancy or price point. I used smoked salmon as I had it in the fridge and requires no cooking so it’s impossible to get it wrong – some people find cooking seafood challenging so this is an easy fix.

Smoked Salmon Pasta

200 grams smoked salmon
1/2 Bunch dill
2-3 cloves garlic
Knob butter
1 red chilli
Lemon zest
Handful rocket
Pasta (I like linguine, or fettuccine)

1. Put the smoked salmon into a food processor with some dill and pulse for a few seconds alternatively you can chop by hand

2. Into a hot frying pan with butter add the crushed or grated garlic and finely chopped red chilli and fry off for a minute

3. Add in the salmon and dill and fry for a further minute coating in the garlic and chilli butter then toss in the rocket and cooked pasta until coated. Take off the heat and serve with lashings of lemon zest and lots of pepper

A perfect lunch or dinner full of flavour…it’s a real favourite of mine.

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Do you love seafood more than the rest of your family too?
Got some favourite recipes you’d like to share with us?


  1. I adore seafood with dill. Such a wonderful flavor.

  2. That looks restaurant quality 👌
    Tonight we had Jamie’s Vietnamese flavoured salmon from Woolworths that you recommended – also 👌 And will be having it again – thank you

  3. Finally dipped below 25 degrees on the Sunny Coast so it was this pasta for tea tonight! Added in a grated Zucchini with the garlic and chilli for extra veg!

  4. As a fellow Highlander I have to ask…. whats the restaurant you’re referring to that makes this dish? lol

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