The Flavours of Christmas: Smoked salmon with Created with Jamie

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There are a couple of staples at my place for Christmas. There’s always some kind of seafood (usually a prawn or smoked salmon), always a Christmas cocktail and there is ALWAYS dill. It’s the ultimate flavour for me when entertaining whether it’s used in canapés, salads or mains I just love the flavour of it. As soon as I add a bunch to my trolley at the supermarket I know that tasty food is on the way.

Here’s 3 quick Christmas recipes using my signature Christmas herb: dill, as well as some great pre-made salmon packs from the Created with Jamie range that provide the perfect shortcut while not compromising on flavour or the quality of the produce. Both salmons are sustainably sourced and have a wonderful flavour. The cocktail is the perfect accompaniment to the salmon starter…serve it up at the same time for a wonderful marriage of flavours.

STARTER: Beetroot & Dill Cured Salmon with Gin & cucumber salad

This starter can be whipped up in under 10 minutes – perfect for Christmas day I reckon! The salmon has been delicately cured in beetroot to give it a gorgeous colour.


Beetroot & Dill Cured Salmon with Gin & cucumber salad (serves 4)

2 cucumbers (use a peeler to slice ribbons)
1 packet of Created with Jamie Beetroot & dill cured salmon with gin
Handful dill

Lime dressing
Juice of 1 lime
3 Tablespoons olive oil
Salt & Pepper to taste
Finely chopped dill

1. Peel the skin from the cucumbers and continue to peel the flesh until you have lovely ribbons


2. Take slices of the salmon from the packet and place over and between the ribbons on each plate


3. Drizzle the dressing over the salmon salad adding in some extra pieces of dill for decoration as well as lime cheek


This salad is light and zingy – a perfect starter for anything heavier to follow.


COCKTAIL: Hendricks & tonic with cucumber, dill & lime

This cocktail is the perfect match for the starter above as the flavours match perfectly. Hendricks Gin is wonderful with cucumber…use it if you can otherwise just substitute with whatever brand you have.


Hendricks & tonic with cucumber, dill & lime

30mls Hendricks gin
2-3 Cucumber ribbons
2-3 sprigs dill
Juice of half lime
Tonic Water


1. Peel the cucumber and then continue to use the peeler to cut ribbons of flesh. Add 1-2 into the bottom of the glass


2. Add in a few sprigs of dill, the juice of half a lime and the 30mls of gin. Pour in the tonic and mix well


3. Serve with the salmon starter as a combined entrée


SALAD: Potato & Hot Smoked Salmon with dill dressing

This is a great salad to bring along to an event or to serve alongside your mains. The hot smoked salmon is ready to eat and breaks up into gorgeous chunks and is the perfect match with the new potatoes and dill.


Potato & Hot Smoked Salmon with dill dressing

1 kilo new potatoes
1 packet Created with Jamie Honey & mustard Hot-Smoked Salmon
Snow pea Sprouts

Bunch dill finely chopped
3 tablespoons whole egg mayo
1 tablespoon djion mustard
4-5 drops Tabasco sauce
Salt & pepper
Juice of Half a lime
2 Tablespoons Olive oil

1. Put the new potatoes on to boil until cooked through


2. When cooked drain and set aside to cool


3. Cut the bigger potatoes into quarters, the smaller in half and throw into a big bowl to toss through with the dressing


4. Prepare the dressing in a bowl adding it all the ingredients. Taste as you go to add in more spice if you want it (Tabasco & mustard) or tang (lime) or salt or pepper

IMG_4165 IMG_4154

5. Once mixed through pour onto the potatoes until coated


6. Open the packet of hot smoked salmon and break apart into chunks


7. Place the coated potatoes in the middle of your serving platter then add in the chunks of hot smoked salmon along with some snow pea sprouts and extra sprigs of dill

IMG_4182 IMG_4188

The heat from the dressing with the dill, potatoes and salmon? VERY good. You’ll be making this one all year round!

IMG_4203 IMG_4173

You can see the whole range of Created with Jamie products that are perfect for Christmas entertaining here.

Do you have a signature Christmas flavour?
Use a bit of smoked salmon this time of year too?
How about a signature Christmas cocktail?


  1. How bad is it that it is half past eight in the morning & I really want the potatoes & salmon now ? 🙂 looks very yummy

  2. I’m looking for Christmas cocktail at the moment – something I can make ahead in a jug would be ideal. Failing that, Champagne is always the answer! I love dill and think it’s a herb that gets a bit forgotten but when you use it, people notice and love it. Just quietly, I think these are a better bet for you on Christmas Day than the Squail Surprise. 🙂

  3. oh yes please! these look lovely beth! … we love smoked salmon!
    glad your cooking skills have improved again since that video!;))
    lol m:)X

  4. i get the reality of sponsored posts and normally am bleu BUT yet again you a re a superstar!
    Yes to all these meal ideas, you must however with over to Melbourne Gin Company gin, second year convert advising you, over and out

  5. OMGee! I love this. I am completed obsessed with the JO range of smoked salmon. His orange and black pepper flavour is to die for with cream cheese on a cruskit. I’ve converted all my friends! I found the flavour of the beetroot and gin milder and delicious too. I’d love to make the potato salad for Boxing Day at our place. Thank you! x

  6. This post is making my eyeballs water! YUUUUUUM. Bookmarking for all future entertaining at home.

  7. Oh MY! Am making that salad STAT. I already buy these products regularly and love them.

    • I think his salmon in particular including the ones you cook are game changers – perfect for Rob and I for dinner whacked through a salad!

  8. I had a salad last week made by a Polish Mate and I can’t wait to make Christmas Day for our Aussie visitors as it was very tasty and very festive. Take a bunch of baby beet greens, throw it on a plate with some crab stick/seafood stick chopped in bite size pieces, add boiled eggs cut in quarters and dress with a sour cream and lemon dressing with lots of salt and pepper and DILL. If you love dill you would love Russia – they have dill on cornflakes here 😉

  9. Oh yum, yum, yum! I need a BabyMac day dedicated in my kitchen to make all these up. You make me so hungry reading these recipe posts!

  10. Mmmmm they all look delicious! I wish we got the JO stuff over here, that salmon looks gorgeous!

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