Some Christmas prep you can do this weekend!


Ok, it’s less than a month to go. And I do recall at the start of this term I was saying “I am really going to be organised this year and get all my shopping done well and truly before the girls are on holidays”.


Best intentions and all that, but still, here I am in exactly the same place I was all those weeks ago. I haven’t written a list. I haven’t a CLUE as what to get the girls. And I sure as shit haven’t bought one pressie.

Anyway! Instead of feeling bad about that, I thought I’d put up a few things you COULD do this weekend that would make you feel like maybe you have started. I won’t even do any of these myself as we are out and about all weekend, but someone out there might. Go on, do it for all of us.

Make some pickled cucumbers!

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These are my go-to handmade gift to give to friends and neighbours, family and teachers. I plan on making a couple of big batches of these to take away for Christmas with my family. And let’s not forget these were the 2016 Champion Preserve at the local show!

Make a fruit cake!


And I need to get some of these made too. I started the tradition 2 years ago now and have given them out to all the Grandparents and Aunty June of course. Nothing says Christmas like a cuppa and a slice of fruitcake!

Start online shopping!


While I am yet to do this myself and I will be putting together some ideas in the next week or so, these gift guides from the past few years might help you with some ideas.

2015 Christmas Gift Ideas
2015 Christmas Gift Ideas #2
2015 Christmas Gift Ideas for kids
2015 Christmas Gifts that worked
2014 Christmas Gifts that worked


And don’t forget that we are hosting a Christmas workshop here in Burrawang on Thursday next week that could sort out your tablescaping, canapés, Christmas candles and decorations. You can check out the details of it here.

Or! You could do what I will do, nothing. Pretend that this cannot be happening because I swear to GOD it is surely still May. Who’s with me?!


  1. It is still may!! Can you please refresh our memories with your fruitcake recipe – I’ve been making it for the past two years also and its divine!

  2. We are going away the week before Christmas so this year I’m getting organised – making the pickled cucumbers today for Xmas gifts – they were a hit last year! The tree is going up tomorrow and I also bought a frozen turkey this morning – I barely recognise myself!! I’d go and buy all the Xmas alcohol now if I didn’t think I’d drink it all before the day! #selfawareness

  3. Yep, must be May – didn’t Easter JUST happen?

    I’ve been complaining like a champ about how hard it is to find a fruitcake that isn’t laden with preservatives and chemicals. But of course, I should just make my own! Weekend baking challenge accepted!

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yep it’s still May but I’ve done online shopping ✅

  5. thanks beth!
    I’ve done nothing towards xmas!!!
    btw you and your new hairdo woo hoo!!!
    enjoy hun!
    love m:)X

  6. I might make those cucumbers, they look fabulous.

    Meanwhile both my giant trees have been up since October and I’ve bought an wrapped all my presents. The cards have just arrived from the printers so I have to write on them and address them, which I think I’ll do today in front of the new Gilmore Girls on NF.

    Bought my new table cloth, crackers, plate chargers and candles and am wondering if I should buy some new glasses. Maybe x

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