Christmas presents that worked

You may recall I wrote a post before Christmas with the things that I was getting the girls this year. Now, a few weeks after the big day, it’s been interesting to see what was a hit…and what was not. I always seem to get some things wrong…hoping one day to get it right! I thought I would show some of the stuff that the girls have loved (not just from me, but from others as well). Think of it as a go-to birthday present guide for the year for girls aged 4 and 7.

The 7 year old

1. Djeco art by numbers

These are lovely hard cards that come with a set of 5 or so textas. Each page shows the children what colours go where as well as some free hand styling that is required too – the art work is quirky and cool and interesting. The end results are gorgeous little prints that are so nice that they could be framed. Daisy was focused on this for almost an hour – and for me in school holidays? This was GENIUS. You can buy them here for $28.95 each


2. Nextime do it yourself cuckoo clock

My Mum gave the most of the older grandkids one of these – a plain white cardboard cuckoo clock that can be assembled and decorated anyway they like! The pieces all pop out, and Daisy has been very focused colouring them all in one by one. We are yet to assemble the final product but it’s been a nice process so far. Mum got these locally down here from Nest & Burrow in Bundanoon. They are one of only 7 stockists. You can find them here.

Cuckoo Clock

3. Our Australian Girl: The Grace Stories

Rob’s Mum gave Daisy this lovely book and she has been quite into it. While chapter books are still something Daisy is just figuring out (she finds the reading in her head bit quite hard) this is a lovely story of a young girl coming out from England to Australia with 4 books all in one volume. You can buy it for $24.99 in most good book shops or online here.


4. Maps

Rob’s Dad & Step Mum gave this great book to Daisy which she adores. Fabulous illustrations and information that kids would find interesting, this book is on the coffee table permanently as it’s constantly being picked up and referred to. I’m not sure where they got it from, but you can find out more about it here and I’m sure pick it up online or in any good book shop.


The 4 year old

1. The Gruffalo board game

Harper knows each and every word to the wonderful book The Gruffalo and so this board game was the perfect city for her. It’s half memory, half board game and a good introduction to games for little ones. The whole family have rolled it a few times and while I’m no fan, I’m not 4! I got ours from Kidstuff for $34.99 and you can get them online here.


What both girls loved

1. Glider deluxe XL scooters

Both girls got one of these from us as their main present from Rob and I. Daisy is tall and these still have lots of room for her to grow so we will get a few years out of it yet. They have been used and loved each day since Christmas and for me that means they are winners. I got ours from Kidstuff for $129, you can grab them online here.


2. Blankgoods draw your dreams pillow cases

My Mum also gave the girls these and they have a HIT. I know this looks like craft, but it’s pretty much craft I can cope with – drawing! The pack comes with fabric markers and a plain cotton white pillow case, then it’s up to the girls to top mad with their own designs. We have done them. washed them and they now sit on their pillows at night. Harper who is having trouble staying in bed particularly loved them. You can get them online for $28.95 here.


So tell me, what was a hit at your place?
And what was a miss?
The old theory of less is more is so true at Christmas don’t you think?


  1. Cassie Webster says

    Fantastic Beth – thank you! I can always rely on your gorgeous blog for recommending great products. I have bought many things you have suggested in the past…and loved them all 🙂 xx

    • Cassie Webster says

      One of them was the spirograph set, which I bought for my 10 year old son for Christmas. He loves it x

      • BabyMacBlogBeth says

        I am keeping that my sleeve for a February birthday for Daisy…I loved them as a kid! Thanks for your kind words too 🙂

  2. Jacki Sinnett says

    Hi Beth, the cuckoo clocks come from Nest & Burrow in Bundanoon and were a huge hit for us over Christmas… Lots of grandparents this year bought crafty items for kids to do in the holidays!

  3. Amanda Garven says

    Both my boys, 4 and 8 would love the pillow cases, totally birthday presents this year. Can you link to the Spirograph set? I think my older one would love this too. Thanks for the cool ideas x

  4. For my sons birthdays in the next couple of weeks I bought them a set of walkie talkies from kidstuff- I’m certain they’ll be a hit, I think girls would like them too.
    Santa brought us a trampoline- something fun that tires them out, big tick!

  5. I got the shadow puppets that you recommended and they have played with them for about 30 seconds. Not calling it a fail yet… they just haven’t got to them with all the other stuff they got.

    Next year the presents are going to be minimal… I am planning to not be anywhere that needs a xmas tree. (Read hotel swimming pool somewhere tropical with cocktail in hand!!)

  6. Janelle Spear says

    The EMINEM tickets I got my boys were a big hit for us!!! My boys are nearly 11 and 14 so each year it gets easier to buy things for them. Also the cheap version of the gopro was a hit with my eldest and the gummy bear lights they both got. They thought these were cool!!

  7. My girls got similar scooters last year and they are still BIG faves 12 months on.
    This year, they got iPod Shuffles. It’s helped with the youngest at bedtime – she was annoying her tired sister and then the many get out of bed for last cuddles, glasses of water, etc at bedtime. Now she listens to her music or stories and drifts off to sleep. They also have a small dock so they can put them on and dance. They’ve been really good at looking after them too. They feel really grown up. The plan is if they do all their chores and are well behaved they are allowed to choose some music to download once a month.
    Also, living OS and with a dodgy postal system, grandparents and friends can buy them music, etc, as gifts.

  8. Margaret Elvis says

    It is always wonderful to see gifts that can actually be used and enjoyed. All great ideas and all so different too.

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    These are great ideas for children Beth,love them all x

  10. These are some seriously cool gift ideas. Aunty Sonia will be referring back to this post in the near future! We gave our nephews the LeapFrog games they wanted and also a ‘paint your own t-shirt’ kit from Seedling. They were more excited about the t-shirt kits than the games they specifically requested! I was quietly stoked about that.

  11. Riley got the Maps book for Christmas too, its a beauty, I love looking at it myself. I’ll have to remember these ideas for next year! Thanks Beth. xx

  12. Ruby Red Shoes books and the doll were the absolute HIT for my five year old and for The Wild Thing (2)…the fake taps that go on the bottom of kids shoes…sound weird, are…but oh my glory HOURS of entertainment. GOOD WORK on the Our Australian Girls books. I don’t gush often but I DO gush over these. They are without a doubt the most borrowed books in my library (primary girls school!). I reviewed and gushed about them here…and they are best read (I think!) in the order they are meant to be read in…so you did well starting with Grace.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I forgot about Ruby REd Shoes – I was going to add that in too. BEAUTIFUL books! Both the girls adored those.

  13. AWESOME idea Beth! You are right so many blogs have lists of presents before Christmas. It is great to see which presents worked for your girls.
    My five year old loves her Guess Who game and of course any book she got.

  14. Awesome. That colour by numbers thing is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait until my niece is old enough to do that kind of stuff.


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