Christmas shopping ideas #1

If you’re anything like me, you are frantically trying to work out what the HELL you are going to buy your loved ones for Chritsmas this year. Sure, the kids can a little easier to buy for, but I reckon the really tricky ones are the ones that are on my family Kris Kringle list, the husband, the sister in law who has great style and pretty much everything, your Step Dad. THOSE PEOPLE.

I’ve been trying to work out some pressies and get organised (it’s not really working damn you 20th November) but here’s some things I have found round the web that I thought I would share with you. Note: these are not sponsored or anything I have been paid to share with you, just things I liked (usually from Australian businesses) that I thought you might too x

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Round beach towel from The Beach People $110

These are hot and I reckon anyone would love to be seen with one of these stylish numbers at the pool or beach this summer. You can check out their whole range here or the one I have pictured above here.

Neon cactus light from Lark Store $69.95

I mean really, who doesn’t need one of these in their lives? Cactus is the new darling on the block (hello Pineapple and chevron) and this would be cool in a lounge room or bedroom for an adult or kid. You can check out the lamp here or be sure to check out the whole range online because dear GOD they have some cute stuff in there. Especially the gift guides for stocking fillers, teachers, kids etc.

Vintage Alphabet School Chart from My Bearded Pigeon $69

Love this cute fabric chart for a kids room (personally I would whack it in the kitchen or main living room). Also comes in Black & white instead of green. You can check out the chart here or the whole range of hot cushions and the like here.

Watermelon sheets from I Love Linen $75

I got this flat sheet for Maggie’s cot a week or so ago and I have the pillowcases already but the pattern is just so bright and colourful I think they would cheer anyone up. You can totally buy linen as a present can’t you? Or is that just me that would do that? You can check out the sheet here or the rest of stuff available from the store here.

Get Shit Done notepad from Mi Goals $5.95

I was given one of these as a birthday pressie a few years ago and it sits in my handbag being filled up with “things” that need to get done funnily enough. Cute pattern – there are a whole lot of different ones you can get. Check them out here or the whole range of goodness from the store here.

Paper Clip coat hook from Hunting for George $24

How cute are these? Granted I have a bit of a penchant for a cool hook but this could be cute for an office or a man in your life right? There are a whole range of different colours you can check out here or just have a good old wander around the goodness of Hunting for George here.

Oversized tote bag from Project Ten $19.95

I know I wrote about these a while ago but I had to share again – I had so many positive comments about the bags on Instagram too (remember they are cooler versions of the blue Ikea bags that I tend to flog). Perfect pressie! You can check out this oversized bag here or the rest of the range here.

Classic Dry Gin from Archie Rose Distilling Co $74

The foodie in your life will love a fancy pants bottle of gin and this Sydney based craft distillery is the perfect way to do it. They have a whole range of different varieties which you can check out here. The classic dry gin pictured above can be found here.

Crosses Stacking Bowl from Aura Home $19.95

One of my fave online stores has recently launched a ceramics range and they are CUTE. Great colours and patterns the whole range has something for different people – perfect as a teacher pressie (mug maybe?). You can check out the bowl above here or the whole ceramics range here.

There will be more of these to follow as I keep stumbling across things – just thought I would start here. And for those thinking we still have AGES to go…I’m afraid you’ll find it’s the 20th November today! Happy shopping!

Here is a post I wrote with some shopping ideas from last year as well as some gift ideas I had for my girls when they were aged 4 & 7. And don’t forget Megan’s amazing book suggestion post for kids.

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