Start your online christmas shopping…TODAY!

So yesterday I had my first arrival of online shopping arrive (just a few books) and it made me feel so SMUG that I am demanding that you have a taste of the action. I want you to start TODAY. For your sanity, for your budget, for your smugness levels that will be SOARING! Even if you don’t start, how about make that list of who you have to buy for and perhaps jot down some ideas next to their names.

Here are some places/ideas to start RIGHT NOW. Mum/Dad/Husband/Sister in law/BFF here is a start at least or maybe something for you! And the best bit? These businesses are run by cool people (well the ones I know at least). They are hard working Mum’s and savvy business birds who deserve a look in because they are doing good things!

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Gourmet Girlfriend Cooking Club Membership

I got onto this late in the year but I have been LOVING receiving my monthly cooking club membership. Subscriptions are available on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis. Each month subscribers are sent a surprise Gourmet Goodie bag which will include an ingredient (such as Spice Mixes, Marinades, Chai blends, Pickles, etc) made by Gourmet Girlfriend.

It will come with an exclusive Recipe card with instructions of how to make something delicious with the contents of your Gourmet Goodie bag and other ideas of how to use your goodies. Some months bonus offers will be included.

Prices are as follows (Please note only available in Australia- postage included.)
12mth subscription $200.00
6mth subscription $120.00
3mth subscription $70.00

Mum/Mother in law or foodie friend? SORTED! All details can be found online here.

Uberkate jewellery

Have you seen the gorgeous your Script series that Kate has created? You put your own words in your own handwriting onto one of Kate’s beautiful pieces. Such a wonderful idea for a special someone. SORTED! Who can find all the details online here.

Little Paper Lane

Little Paper Lane is a lovely little paper boutique based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney but they have some GORGEOUS Christmas stuff available including unique Christmas cards and tags. Wrapping and decorating items? SORTED! You can find all the Christmassy details online here.

Into the Fold

Got a soft furnishing fan in the family? Check out these adorable cushions based out of the North coast of NSW. I know I’ll be grabbing a couple of those Bertha cow cushions for some country friends. SORTED! You can find out all the details online here.

Emily Besser artist

Sure this is my step sister but LOOK AT HER STUFF. While artwork might not be something you would think of for a normal Christmas pressie, how about saying to your partner let’s get this for each other? Or at least add to a wish list for yourself! SORTED! You can find out all the details online here.

Bohemian Traders

Head on over to Em’s business for some really cool clothes. There are things for your cool sister in law, your teen niece who wants to be grown up and cool, or some fun accessories. I’ve spent quite a bit of coin here through the year and have not been disappointed one time. SORTED! You can find out all the details online here.

I love Linen

Lauren has built up such a great brand with her company and this year has come in leaps and bounds. While you might not be able to choose bed linen for someone you can totally buy your Dad or Brother some cool Turkish beach towels, or get your little sister some hot pillow cases, because: PILLOW CASES. SORTED! You can find out all the details online here.

Oh Mabel

Speaking of linen, check out Sarah’s amazing organic range of cotton goodness with a lovely vintage feel based out of Canberra. AND I have a discount for BabyMac readers at the moment. Just add the code BABYMAC at checkout. SORTED! You can find out all the details online here.


Got someone who is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for? You should totally get some Instagram shots made into magnets for them. I did this after our holiday (and I think my Mum did too) and every time I open the fridge to take a swig of milk straight out of the carton (which is A LOT right now) they make me smile. SORTED! You can check out all the details online here.

Down that Little Lane

Tessa and the gals that work at DTLL will have you sorted with everything and ANYTHING you can think of gift wise this Christmas. You can browse all their online stores under their website banner in various categories or themes or collections. Just go for a wander and get lost. SORTED! You can check out all the details online here.

Lark Store

Got NO idea about ANYONE. I swear to God, get thee to this shop now and just have a browse and ADD TO CART. It’s all here people, fund cute ideas, cool calendars and the BEST range of Christmas stuff. You can find out all the details online here.

Brain Pickings

Want to find a cool and interesting book for that tricky someone? I follow Brain Pickings on Facebook and occasionally they have some pretty fabulous book suggestions. Dad/Father in law/Husband? SORTED! You can find out all the details online here.

Tiny Folk

Gen sent me some shadow puppets a few years ago and they get used every other day. Simple ideas that promote imaginative play…who doesn’t want that? Nieces and nephews? SORTED! You can find out all the details online here.

World Vision

All this STUFF too much for you? Why not sponsor a kid for someone or make a donation on behalf of someone? There are a heap of charities out there and of course it’s up to your personal choice but we have been sponsoring a kid through World Vision for over 10 years now and it feels good and counts for SOMETHING right? You can find out all the details online here.

So, there’s a start! I’m sure I will do one of these for kids things as well, but this is a START. An early November start that will make you feel like you are in control of things. Well, a little bit at least. But I know that there will be a million other businesses and suggestions that you guys have. Got a business that you run yourself that you’d like to promote! Let us know in the comments below and let’s get shopping!

Have you started your shopping yet?
Are you an online shopper or go in the shops kind of person?

I usually do a bit of this first and then hit the small shops…there’s nothing like walking into a shop and picking things up is there?


  1. Straight to brain pickings to buy a gift for… ME. Thanks Beth!

  2. Check out
    Horse themed gifts for daughters, nieces, any girl or yourself!
    A great mum and friend of mine in Tassie set up this business after her daughter got into horse riding.
    Bags, toys, jewellery, linen, lunch boxes and lots more! Something for all budgets! Check it out!!

  3. I’m going hard getting stuff done around the house. Pop onto my emails for a quick run through, read your post…. I have been in the Lark Store for 25 minutes now!

  4. I did most of mine yesterday – not from your cool people though I am sorry. I did all of mine through David Jones Online and Country Road. DONE! Just need to get a few little bits and pieces in town in Dec. I think I am officially in love with DJ’s online – free delivery and managed to get so much stuff – even bought myself some perfume for my husband to give to me. Some mecano, puzzles and lego for children’s xmas presents and even a rice cooker!!! Somebody stop me. I have been dreading the xmas shopping and I am normally so hopeless but this was fantastic, and I have earned quite a few frequent flyers, ha ha ha. Happy shopping.

  5. thanks beth! … very helpful suggestions!
    need all the help we can get hun!
    hope you are feeling ok! love m:)X

  6. thank you a million times over.
    and oh me oh my how did we ever shop before the interweb was invented huh.

  7. How timely. I started last night- online at World Vision. I bought a veritable flock of chickens for the kids friends, a couple of goats for brother and brother-in-law, some Indigenous Education packs for our lovely teachers, and some vaccinations packs for my ex-nurse mother-in-law. They’ll get other presents, but for a few years now, buying charity items has been my little attempt to gently steer away from giving stuff for the sake of it. Mostly, they are wonderfully received, and at least for our kids, a great way to start a conversation with their friends about giving to others who don’t have as much as they do. The teachers have been uniformly thrilled and I’m working on the class chipping in for a “set up a school” pack for the end of year present.

    And congratulations on your pregnancy. Be well, hope you have a joyous birth, and you finally luck out with a world champion sleeper!

  8. Have just bought some gourmet goodie bags for my son who loves cooking. Actually, all my sons are good cooks, but I already have something for the other two. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Yay for the interwebs! Great ideas Bev that I will be stealing and taking all the credit for x

  10. What a legend, thanks for those ideas, some of them I would not have thought of myself! Must do the printstagram as mum always busting ma chops about getting actual photos of the kids printed!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Am so overwhelmed by the thought of Xmas atm, usually I like to start with Lists, because I am ocd and making Lists makes me feel super organised straight away. Then I will definitely be taking all of these fab suggestions on board, even though I want something from all of these places for myself!

  12. Thanks Beth, I see some shopping happening in the next few days

  13. Oh god, every time someone mentions Xmas shopping I want to put my head under a pillow and hide! Guess I better get started…thanks for the suggestions, online shopping makes the process easier!

  14. A big thankyou for the World Vision idea. i have just bought the girls preschool teachers and our sons school teachers some great learning related ‘gifts’ and some chooks! I’m sure they will all be relieved it’s not the burnt christmas biscuits again this year!

  15. Awww so much awesomeness on one list. Thanks gorgeous girl xx


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