Things I like {The Christmas pressie edition}

It’s now been a few weeks since the big day and with everything getting a touch of the organisations and getting put away I thought I’d share some of the favourites from Christmas that we all got. I always love to see what are embraced and cherished from what you picked out…and this year there were some really lovely gifts that we all got.

The girls

Books are always a favourite and this year there some lovely ones that they all got. I loved these two for the bigger girls.

IMG_5043 IMG_5044 IMG_5045

And this one that Maggie was given from my Dad and Step Mum is just so gorgeous. The big girls LOVE reading this to her with all the actions inside too. I love it.

IMG_5036 IMG_5038 IMG_5037

The Doldrums
Olive of Groves
Press Here

These jewellery boxes that my sister gave the girls complete with some necklaces and bracelets inside were a huge hit. Not sure where she got them from though…


I also love the bus we got for Maggie…while she’s a little young yet, it will be played with soon enough and hopefully cherished and kept in her room until she’s big.


I found a link to it here – not sure of this company though just seemed the cheapest I could find it after a very quick search.

The adults

I was stoked with some of the stuff that I chose for Rob (all done very quickly too at the last minute in a case of Christmas miracle shopping.

IMG_5046 IMG_5058 IMG_5057

Dot to Dot masterpieces
Victorian Wars Star Wars plates

And some of my favourites? I bought myself a beautiful Lazy Bones nightie, well it’s a dress but I am wearing it strictly around home and in bed as the body is NOT up for thin straps (wrapped with card to Beth, love Beth) and I also got some beautiful ceramics from my Step Mum from a Melbourne designer. Yes, more plates on a wall Rob.

IMG_5050 IMG_5053

Lazy Bones dress/nightie
Skimming Stones Ceramics

What did you get for Christmas that you loved?
Did you choose something that was a hit?
Got any new finds we should know about?


  1. I got a trip to Islamorada, a part of the US Keys on the Atlantic Ocean side. (Other side of The Keys is the Gulf of Mexico). We stayed oceanfront at a place that takes dogs and lets them swim. While there we helped six Cuban refugees come ashore and gain asylum. All in all, a terrific trip with lovely weather!

  2. My boys got remote control boats that were a big hit. My gift to self was some plantation shutters for the front door panels. If only Santa had installed them as well!

  3. I got art supplies, which I really wanted and am enjoying.
    I got money to spend on shoes, and more art supplies, and going to the movies and enjoying tapas and wine.
    My younger sister and I are going to head off to a winery for a cheese platter and a tasting as our gift to each other.

  4. Loved my box of chocolates and toffees , along with a pink lipstick , very thoughtfully
    selected and wrapped by my 8yo Graandson .

  5. We lost my Nan a year ago on Wednesdsy this week. It was our first Christmas without her. My gorgeous nearly 92 year old grandfather slipped me an envelope which I opened at the present opening ceremony and I was a blubbering mess. He gave me Nan’s treasured bracelet. Best present ever. #missherguts

  6. We love Press Here in this household and I’ve also got a red double decker bus!!! Fine taste you have xx

  7. Santa – aka me -got me some movie tickets – my favorite time out thing to do and a lovely new teapot and some T2 tea to enjoy with some new books including Entertaining by Deborah Hutton which is really lovely.

  8. Spending the day with my children and grandchildren and grand puppies. Minus one son who is deployed ?

  9. The jewellery boxes are from Pavement. They were a big hit in our house too!

  10. I got a lovely pair of earrings from my darling, some books and nighties. The kids loved their gifts – Santa even managed to find some of those sneaker/rollerskate things for the lass, and a pogo stick for the lad. Then to top it all off we headed off on the 28th to NZ and the Cook Islands for just over a fortnight all up.
    That London Bus looks just fabulous. I think I will just have to purchase it for a certain little lad who will be 7 in March, and loves riding up the front when we are in that part of the world.

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