Christmas Shopping Ideas #3

I’ve had a good week of shopping round here – managed to get quite a bit done and even better, got the things that I DO have and got them wrapped. At least I have an idea of where I’m at. I’ve got 3 school days left, which is 3 days to get the rest of it done. Blimey. Here’s the last of my ideas…hope they help you out with at least one thing!

PicMonkey Collage

Sheets from Flat & Fitted $249

I am lucky enough to have a set of these patterned sheets and they are gorgeous. Lovely crisp cotton with a subtle pattern they clash perfectly with everything. You can check out the ones pictured here or check out their whole range here.

Pocket prints from your Instagram photos prints from $12

The wall decals that I got printed a few months ago have been a real hit with the kids especially for my little friend Harper who wakes in the night and likes to look at things/people that make her happy. Download the app on your smartphone and order from your Instagram/camera roll. You can check out the app here.

Homemade gin kit from Hunting for George $79

Now THIS is my kind of gift! Perfect for that tricky brother you have to buy for, well mine at least. You can check out the gin here or the rest of the range from Hunting for George here.

Bobbletop candle from Hutwoods $17.95

I even have a reader discount on these too (just enter the code BABYMAC for 15% off) across a range of different candles all handmade in Sydney. You can check out the whole range online here.

Organic Charcoal Handwash from Babescrub $38

I was given this as a Birthday present in August and it’s still going strong next to my kitchen sink where it gets used at least once a day. I adore the packaging on this one pictured but they have a whole range of excellent stuff available online here.

Directors Chairs from West Elm $74.95

If you entertain a little like me, one thing you will always be in need of, is another chair. You can’t go wrong with a Directors chair, and you can’t go wrong with these cute patterns that are on sale (reduced from $200 thankyouverymuch). Check out the ones pictured here or the rest of stuff from West Elm online here (they always have great stuff on sale in their warehouse sale section).

Pixie Mini Yellow bag from Il Tutto $99

I was lucky enough to give one of these away on the blog this year and the colour of these still make me smile. I’d be very happy to see one of these wrapped under the tree for me. You can check out the one pictured here or the rest of the range of great bags online here.

Designer jewellery for Mums from Monkey and Mum $125

Sorry I just realised the picture for this is missing from above so have added it in here.


These are some amazing creations from Tess who has handcrafted really awesome designer jewellery for mothers. Her pieces are a celebration of mums, at a time in life when most things are about someone else. In addition to being safe for babies (no small parts, no harmful toxins, AZO free dye, natural organic cotton) and great for breastfeeding (keeps bub entertained when feeding or being held – and stops those little fingers pulling on mum’s hair and skin), they are also little works of wearable art for mum. You can check out the one pictured above here or the rest of the range in her store here.

Big Spike floor cushion from Into the Fold $180

How cute is the pattern on this one? A huge 1 metre by 1 metre this floor cushion would be perfect for your little pet in your life, or maybe kids room or just for you in your lounge room. Love this pattern! You can check out the one pictured here or the rest of superior cushions (including the cow one you may see in my place from time to time) in their range online here.

So there you have it, the very last of my Christmas shopping ideas. I hope you get your shopping done without too much stress and that everyone enjoys the stuff you chose for them – that’s my favourite bit!

How are you going with your shopping?
Almost done/done?
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  1. Love, love, love Babescrub products. They’re the best! I actually really want what we’re giving my in-laws for Christmas… a gift pack from Wine Please ( It’s an Australian company owned by a husband and wife and they have the most ridiculous – in a good way – collection of wines. They really know their stuff. Not to mention their packaging is totally gorgeous too. x

  2. AW we are going o/s to visit in laws so I have most of their gifts but for my own kids and husband nothing yet. So somehow I have to fit in some shopping.

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Great gift ideas Beth,love them!

  4. Oh, I have actually asked for sheets for my Christmas present {although I did mention to Mum that I would be happy to go out and look for them during the sales}. I’ve been hunting everywhere for patterned fitted sheets that are 40cm deep or more – silly deep mattress – and it seems that most patterned sheets are only 30cm …but these are 40cm, so I am excited! Thanks for the share 🙂

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