Christmas Shopping Ideas #2: Kids

Oh man. Somehow my intentions of getting organised with my shopping have lead me NOWHERE. I’ve managed to get a few things, but suddenly it’s bloody well December and now I am just in normal shopping mode, heading towards panic stations rather than organised. Oh well, one day when I’m not so busy with everything else I’ll get organised.

Here’s some ideas for kids shopping that you could totally get online today and get delivered later in the week or early next week. Lots of great businesses and ideas here…happy shopping!

PicMonkey Collage

Personalised Letterbox from Dear Little Designs $60

I got these for the girls earlier this year and have placed them on their bedroom doors. Cool design and such a cute concept there has been many a letter written and delivered to them (even if they are to call each other a poo head). You can check out the customised ones here or the rest of the store here.

Goodie Box subscription from Blank Goods (1 $35, 3 months $105, 6 months $192)

These are such a cute idea for older kids that like to make stuff. I actually think this could be considered (whisper) CRAFT. You can check out the boxes here or just check out the rest of their amazing stuff including so much cool Christmas stuff here.

Sun hat from Ahoy Kids $28

I was lucky enough to have a couple of these sent to me for the girls and they are really great quality. Cute patterns too for boys and girls and babies! You can check them out here.

Llatjo Play range from Ikea (various prices)

You may remember the photo I took of Maggie last week where she had the cutest hat on with goggly alien eyes on it? Well there is a new range of play toys that focus on old school games…memory, dress ups. Great prices and cute designs you can check them all out online here but you have to buy in store. BUMMER.

Milk Before Bed Nightie  from Nightie Night Lane $42

You’ll remember I gave one of these sweet little nighties away a little while ago? I have grabbed some more for my nieces and both my girls are still wearing these as much as they can. Cool cotton and the sweetest patterns I love these! You can check out the one in the picture here or a range of other bed wear for boys and girls here.

Rose Gold & Peach teether from Parker Tee & Co $19.95

Are these the sweetest little things you have seen? Maggie may need to get one of these for her eating, chewing and sucking obsession. They may as well look fab too right? You can check out this one pictured here or the rest of their range here.

Rainbow Owl Cape dress up costume from Finlee & Me $74.95

Who doesn’t love a good quality dress up? This is very cute and would have one of my little friends flapping about the garden. You can check out the cape here or the HUGE range of seriously awesome toys at Finlee & Me here.

Two piece swimmers from Mini Sandcrabs $49.95

Both my girls have taken to the two piece with gusto! I never had one as a girl but can see that they are cool and fun for kids to wear (so long as there is lots of sunscreen on that is). I love these ones as they aren’t too flashy, simple design with cool patterns. You can check out the ones pictured online here or check out the rest of the boys and girls range here.

Guatemalan Worry dolls in a bag from Oxfam $5.95

If you have a little worrier like me, you may have come across these before. We have found them to be quite useful to sleep with under your pillow or hold onto when you are feeling a little lost. You can check out the ones pictured here or the rest of the great kids toys from Oxfam here.

Got any good kids finds that you’d like to share with us?
How about your own business you’d like to pimp out?
How’s the shopping coming along generally?


  1. You rock Beth. Great list x

  2. My daughter turns 13 nine days before Christmas. I tried to be organised but came home from the shops still needing stuff & out of ideas. My mum has her birthday just before my daughters & I have mum in our family adults secret santa too & she is really hard to buy for. Just in case that wasn’t enough to stress me one of my “babies” that was with us for many years is 18 now & coming to spend Christmas with us, absolutely no ideas for an 18 year old boy. It was so much easier when they were little. I love toy shopping ?

    • That was me yesterday at the shops…walking around with NO clue. I have less than before I went!

    • Hi, I recently bought my brother (28 but still I feel like an 18 year old boy) customised haviainas (spelling?) and they were a huge hit. You can order them online and his arrived three days later – highly recommended!

    • An 18 year old boy would love some cool headphones or a mini Bluetooth speaker. Good luck ?. It’s so much easier when they’re little…or a girl! my 18 year old daughter has given me a list from Mecca Cosmetica that has about 20 items on it so totally sorted for her ?

  3. Oh my goodness worry dolls, I had forgotten about these, am about to buy 7, one for every member of my family! xx

  4. Love the letterbox! I’m onto it. My kids will be STOKED! Thanks Beth x

  5. thanks beth!
    all good suggestions!
    love m:)X

  6. Love those little worry dolls! Might have to jump over to Oxfam and grab a few. I’m an excel spreadsheet queen, do my list in November and by the first week of December its all done! Already halfway through the list. Time poor makes me very efficient! oxox

  7. That owl cape! My, I fancy that!

  8. Great list. Haven’t even started buying for my girls!! Now I have a beginning!

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