Monday Meal Ideas: Family faves

Good morning friends, hope you are ready to take on another week ahead. We had such a busy week last week socially with Mother’s Day and then two birthdays I am feeling ready for a much quieter pace. Man we are really out of form these days with isolation aren’t we? This week will be about a slower pace, trying to feel the rhythm of these some days at school, and some not (as we head into week 2 of that) and enjoying the quiet when I can.

Think that most of these will all get a run this coming week on our table – a little extra veggie where possible but always delicious. These are all family favourites that are enjoyed and loved at our table:

Smoked Salmon PAsta
Chicken Kebabs
Vegetarian Lasagne

Hope that you guys have a great week ahead. Stay warm and safe and well, hope your washing dries and your babies sleep, hope your teenagers don’t give you too much tude and your tween’s tantrums and mood swings aren’t too fierce. You’ve got this, you do! x

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