Mothers Day Breakfast in bed: cheat Bircher Muesli

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In an ideal world, on Mothers Day I would awake in a hotel room. I’d wake up of my own accord, roll over in those 1000 thread count Eqyptian cotton sheets and then go back to sleep. Then I’d wake again, have my children spontaneously appear for 4 minutes to tell me that they love me, adorn me with gifts and then disappear. A hot coffee would appear from somewhere, along with breakfast that would be wheeled in…filled with things that are very bad for me, inclusive of a minimum of 2 pork products, along with newspapers, all the latest magazines and then an iPad ready for me to read until I was ready to arise from bed. THEN and only then would I be ready to spend the rest of the day with the family.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and I love Mothers Day – a day to celebrate everything that we Mum’s do day in day out as well as spend time with all the wonderful mothers in my family. It’s just that spending time in bed over breakfast with your kids is part of the equation that could be missed.

My Mothers day usually starts with me waking and being given beautiful home made Preschool and School presents, lovely presents and cuddles and usually a cup of tea or coffee. It takes about 4 minutes for everyone to get over the fact that this is a day off, and demand my attention back in the rest of the house.

Dads listen to me: Give the presents, cards, hot beverage and breakfast and then LEAVE. TAKE THE CHILDREN AWAY. Out of the house for a few hours so the Mum can sleep. Or read. Or potter. Or you know, have a shower or go to the bathroom in peace. Or do whatever it is she likes to do if she can remember that! DELIVER. THEN LEAVE. Do I need to make this any clearer?

Here is a perfect breakfast for you to whip up and impress any Mum this Mothers day. Kids can help. It’s relatively healthy. She can eat it in bed without crumbs. Just remember: DELIVER THEN LEAVE.


Cheat Bircher Muesli

1 cup untoasted muesli
1 cup apple juice (unsweetened)
½ cup grated granny smith apple
½ cup natural yoghurt Greek styled yoghurt
Pinch of cinnamon
¼ cup slivered almonds (roasted)
Drizzle of honey
Berries to top

IMG_7883 IMG_7886

Now traditional bircher muesli calls for rolled oats that are soaked overnight. With this cheat version you can just use untoasted muesli (the one I used had some extra dried fruit in it to add to the texture). This way you only need to soak the muesli for an hour…get up leave the Mum sleeping, sort it out with the kids and come back to it in an hour. Simple!

1. Take one cup of untoasted muesli and place it in a large mixing bowl

IMG_7893 IMG_7895

2. Add in the 1 cup of apple juice


3. Along with the ½ cup of Greek styled yoghurt and the grated apple (I leave the skin on)

IMG_7900 IMG_7905

4. Add in the pinch of cinnamon and give it a quick mix and transfer to the fridge to soak for an hour


5. After an hour a lot of the liquid should have soaked up. Give it another mix before ready to serve

IMG_7915 IMG_7917

6. For extra points you could always go all Pinterest like and serve it in a jar…but for me, call me old fashioned…I like a bowl.


7. Place in a few good spoonfuls. Top with the berries and toasted almonds and drizzle with some honey

IMG_7919 IMG_7924

8. Deliver into bed when enough sleep has been given. Adorn her with gifts, love, praise and home made cards for 4 minutes and then LEAVE. DELIVER AND LEAVE.


[gmc_recipe 7889]

What happens at your place Mothers Day?
What’s your ideal Mothers Day morning situation?
Fancy the odd Bircher? Me too!


  1. With one son in Michigan and one in Darwin, Au., and us in FL, Mother’s Day is kind of a non-event. Sometimes I get a plant and some cards from the kids. Sometimes a Skype. Sometimes I get nifty homemade jewelry from my lovely d-i-l. Sometimes… I get to go to the beach for the weekend with my husband, dog, and bird–like this year!

    But I can remember back when the kids were young… and your instructions are spot on–deliver and LEAVE! there should be a ROBO call to that effect delivered to every father’s cell phone in the world the day before Mother’s Day.

    My favorite thing to do with all those ingredients you listed– put the true Greek yogurt and Granny Smith in a bowl, pour the dry muesli and almonds over it, drizzle the honey over that, and top all with fresh berries. YUM! I might skip the apple juice because I love the crunch of the dry muesli in the yogurt. My muesli would be toasted and come out of a box, sugarless, with dried fruit in it.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Beth. I hope you get your wish!

  2. oh love me some Bircher , totally nabbing that recipe. Thanks m’lady!

  3. If we repeat it enough, it might happen? Fingers Crossed!

  4. Yum… I love me some bircher. I might just print this out and leave it lying around.

    Just checking though, the ingredients say 1 cup apple juice but you only put 1/2 in. Is the other half for the children to drink while they’re waiting?

  5. amanda hall says

    another trick for cheats bircher is to use rolled oats only and if you don’t have time to soak them give them a 1 or 2 minute blast in the microwave. It fast forwards the fluffing/absorbing process and leaves the muesli nice and warm – perfect for cold days.

  6. Mrs Woog says

    DELIVER AND LEAVE. I am going to make a sign for the bedroom door. x

  7. I declare that you and I are identical twins separated at birth Beth! I have just emailed this post to my husband and printed off a copy and left it on each of the kids beds!!! Fingers crossed.
    Enjoy YOUR day 🙂

    • Ha! I have to update the recipe as I made a mistake so you might need to resend in a few mins. Hope you have a great day Sunday!

  8. Margaret Elvis says

    At my age breakfast in bed is not on. There’s the insulin injection 20 minutes before I eat which is frustrating and sort of upsets all the romance. We will probably have our usual…Weetbix, oats, All Bran, yoghurt and fruit…but come to think of it’s quite a delicious brekky and one that’s good for we oldies.
    Beth, I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day, the sort of day you are dreaming of with much love and care from your loved ones. xx

  9. Its Friday evening and my husband has just told me he thinks he is coming down with a flu.
    Dang! Looks like I’ll be delivering and leaving this Sunday.
    Have a lovely Mothers Day Beth, I think you would be a hoot of a mother, non-crafting abilities and all. Cheers!

  10. Hopefully French toast with Strawberries or Strawberry french toast sandwich or whatever it ends up being with real strawberries.
    The Bircher Muesli looks delish.
    I am running my own virtual Mother’s day classic tomorrow – so I can have enjoy breakfast in bed this year.

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