Monday meal ideas: chorizo classics

There’s nothing I love more than chorizo. Choirzo by itself, chorizo fried up and eaten as is, or with haloumi or in a salad or fried up onto of soup. I do believe that the addition of chorizo into a normal day can improve it by at least 45%, that’s how confident I am about it.

My friend Miss Rabbit has recently told me (and others in our events) of her favourite chorizo from Rodriguez Bros. formally of Yagoona, recently moved to Chester Hill. The very best and $11pkg!! You only need to go twice a year, stock up and put it in the freezer – she dead set goes and does 20 kgs at a time!

Here are some of my fave chorizo recipes for the week ahead that looks like it could use some spicing up as it’s going to be quite chilly.

Oven baked spicy risotto
Chorizo baked chicken
Hommus with chorizo crumb
Brussel sprouts & chorizo

How’s your week ahead looking? After a very busy social time (post on that to follow later today) I’m looking forward to a quiet one at home with the kids taking things a little slower. Hope you all have a good one friends x

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