Monday meal ideas: warm you from the inside out

It’s a bitterly cold and wet Monday morning here, all three girls are going to SCHOOL THAT’S NOT AT HOME. The first time all 3 will be gone at the same time since the middle of March….over 2 months! While it’s not going to be much fun for them out there in the world, I will make sure we have something warm and delicious for dinner tonight that will warm them from the inside out. Is there anything better than getting in the door and smelling something simmering away on the stove or in the oven for hours?! Here are some of my faves that will get a run this week…

Beef & vegetable stew
Baked oven risotto
Miss Rabbit’s chorizo soup
Rib’s & pasta: two dishes in one

How is your week ahead looking? It sure is going to be strange without the girls here, as we slowly return to some sense of normalcy it’s hard not to get nostalgic for these quiet and slow months we have had. I hope that we all stay on the right track and that cases don’t increase all that much – it’s a constant worry isn’t it? We will be hitting school and then coming home to pack down – gosh it’s been good without sport to run around for…I am sure that will all start to come back soon too.

Hope you guys stay warm and safe, good luck today if you have kids going back to school, I know Maggie is nervous it’s going to be a big adjustment for her to get back into that routine. And did I mention tired? She will be TIRED. We all will! Have a good week friends x


  1. these all look so good. I am torturing myself looking at this knowing my dinner will be straight off the hospital menu. I am in hospital, week 7 after a heart & double lung transplant. 7 weeks of hospital food is not good

    • Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    • Hospital food is just the WORST – especially when you are recovering and need goodness and nourishment – really feel for you! Hope you are recovering well, sending lots of love and healing vibes!

  2. I bet it is cold down there Beth because it has been cold up here. Good luck with the girls returning to school. My boys can’t go back to boarding school so shit is getting real here today and I am going to have to crack the whip on the year 10 and year 8 boys! They don’t like it already and it is already a battle… give me strength. Has been nice having them home for so long and will be very strange when they do eventually leave us again.

  3. My three high schoolers went back today! I can’t complain about homeschool though as they were all very well looked after and had Zoom school everyday, running with a normal timetable, so there was nothing for me to do, but supply the food! They will enjoy seeing friends and getting back into routines though. When I got to my girl’s school, they had balloons up and a welcome back committee made from the Senior girls who have already been back – brought a smile to my face. Good luck to all the kids heading back.

    • I saw so many lovely balloons and welcomes to school – I had a happy Kinder kid who wanted to go so that’s all I need! Enjoy the peace x

  4. Linda Jenkins says

    I have made the baked oven risotto a few times now but will give the ribs a try very soon. they sound great and I love a cook everything in one pot dish !

  5. My Senior has been complaining about how noisy and distracting it is at school now…. she got used to the quite of home study!

  6. OMG the Pork Ribs and Sauce is the best ever. My kids love it. We hadn’t tried ribs before this. And I love that it’s in one pan. Thanks for the ideas!

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