I like food


It’s true. I really do. Like a lot.


I love to cook food, come up with different ways to make flavours work, but most of all I like to EAT food. And I am not one to be all shy and demure about my own cooking, you will often see me scoffing saying “Oh this is REALLY good” and then repeating 3-4 times until everyone in the family has agreed with me.

I’ve eaten some tasty things lately and thought I better share them with you. They are simple and quick and delicious and you could totally make them too. And because people are always saying RECIPE! I have jotted down how I do it, but you should just go with the flow and make your own creations up. Good ingredients, cooked simply, you really can’t go wrong.

So where should we start?

Rhubarb Compote


Rhubarb is in season and CHEAP at the moment. At the fruit shop on the weekend they had 2 bunches for $6 so there was rhubarb bubbling away on our stovetop later that afternoon.

How do I cook it?

I cut the leaves off & discard (did you know they are poisonous?) then chop the stalks into 2-3 cm long batons. I whack them into a saucepan with a decent sprinkle of caster sugar (maybe half a cup) or about a tablespoon per bunch (basically not all that much) and about a tablespoon of water (again not much at all). Let it simmer for 5-10 mins and then take off. You can cook it in the oven, not add any sugar or water or add a vanilla stick for flavour. You can whack this on your porridge, onto yoghurt for the kids (my girls LOVE this) or turn it into a crumble. Any which way it’s in season, tasty, cheap and quick to make.

Fried Wontons


I buy these frozen from Harris Farm (they have a big range) and most asian grocers would also sell them.

How do I cook them?

I have written a recipe before here this time I used wontons instead of the bigger dumplings/gyoza. There is another method called Pot Sticker dumplings which uses one pan instead of two but I am yet to try that method. Again, cheap and simple and will satisfy any Asian cravings (even in the country).

Cooked eggs in soup


What the what now? I know! My friend Zoe had a whole heap of us over to her place on Sunday night and made the most delicious Chorizo and bean soup that was spicy and delicious. Topped with crumbled corn chips and two kinds of cheeses it was ridiculously good. I don’t have the recipe but I am sure a google search would have you find something similar. Best bit for me though was getting a container of leftovers.

How did I cook it?

Well I took that leftover soup and heated it up in a frypan. Then when it was bubbling I cracked two eggs into the soup, added a lid and simmered for a few minutes until the egg whites were set. I chopped some fresh red chilli, some coriander and lashings of pepper and OH MY GIDDY AUNT MAKE THIS. Who knew soup and eggs were a marriage in heaven?

Spinach & Ricotta Pasta


I’ve taken to buying some good quality fresh pasta from Harris Farm when I am there. I’m sure they are servings for two but come ON, maybe hobbits. Anyway, when I cook for the kids or Rob is away I want a tasty dinner I can literally make in under 10 mins. This fits the bill.

How do I cook it?

Boil the pasta for 5 mins or so following the packet instructions (in any case it doesn’t take long) then in a frypan add a good piece of garlic Lurpak (you know that’s a thing right?) and let it bubble away till it almost burns (turns a golden brown) then take off the heat. Toss in some fresh herbs (whatever you have available) I used chives cut into batons, toss the cooked pasta in and add lots of pepper, parmesan and eat immediately with a big old glass of red.

Home made Hamburgers


This is Rob’s domain as he is in charge of burger production in our house. And while he won’t give away his special recipe for the patties I will give some tips.

How do I cook it?

Well, I ask Rob to. I make sure there are chips as a side (literally cut up desiree potatoes leaving the skins on with olive oil, salt & pepper and cook at 20o degrees for almost an hour). The trick for me with perfect chips every time is my Scanpan roasting dish. Also make sure your burger has a good cheddar (on the weekend we used a red cheddar I got at Harris Farm) that melts perfectly, some bacon and it MUST have American mustard AND tomato sauce. Also Brioche Buns are a MUST HAVE (you can get them at Woolies or Aldi or most places now in the bread sections).

The best chicken salad EVER


Last night about 15 minutes before we eat dinner I still had NO idea what we would eat for dinner. Rob was in town so I asked him to get a charcoal chook and I opened the crisper. Before I knew it we had the tastiest salad I’ve made in a long time.

How did I make it?

I had some purple wombok (did you know you can get that now?) I love cabbage but sometimes find red cabbage a little woody…this is PERFECTION. I shredded the purple wombok, diced a bunch of shallots, added in a bunch of dill finely sliced and a few baby lettuce leaves. Shred in the chicken, top with some toasted sesame seeds and dress well (dressing was whole egg mayo, lemon juice, salt and pepper and half a clove of garlic). This was SO good. Daisy devoured it. Make it is all I am saying.


There’s just so much to love about food isn’t there? Especially when it’s quick and cheap and tasty. Head on into a fruit shop and see what’s cheap (that means it’s in season) and just have a crack!


Have you eaten something good lately?
How did you cook it?


  1. This…..http://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/2014/11/chicken-piccata-meatballs-low-carb-gluten-free.html
    I use pre made chicken meatballs or chicken sausages taken out of their skins (no need then for the almond flour and egg)

    And this to serve under it…..
    I make it slightly thicker, so more like a puree than a soup.
    Really delicious Beth

  2. Yummo to all! We add a squeeze of lemon to our rhubarb. The sweet and the sour work beautifully together…

  3. oh yes beth! … it shows in your food hun!
    I love to eat but not so much to cook! … but I do it!
    I love creating something from almost nothing they are my favourites!
    went out for lunch with friends in our village today at Mother duck! … yum!
    always ready to be inspired and you do that often thanks hun!
    you’ll laugh at this! came home from girls lunch and mr m said his new drill had arrived! ahem!
    I said whose drill??? … but it wasn’t mine it was one he’s ordered! … I know mine’s in the post!:)))
    lol m:)X

  4. Yum! The chicken salad sounds like a winner Beth. I’ve got to try it. Me I just made my version of green chicken curry for dinner and a prune and pecan brownie for desert. They were good and I said it out loud few times for good measure!

  5. Not a fan of Nutella haha

    I am however a fan of food and you x

  6. Fried wontons. Gateway food.

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